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In 1887 Emil Berliner invented the gramophone, the mechanical predecessor to the electric record player. Later, with the shellac record, he developed a medium that allowed music recordings to be mass produced.

Berliner set up his Montreal headquarters in 1900. On July 16th 1900 Emile Berliner registered the trademark for his company, "Nipper" - the dog listening to a gramophone. The painter Francis Barraud created this image which was used for more than 70 years. This trademark first appeared in Montreal on the back of record # 402 - "Hello My Baby" by Frank Banta. Berliner produced 2,000 records during his first year of operation in Montreal. In 1901 he sold more than 2 million records.

And today..

I don’t think that Emil Berliner 120 years ago would have believed the level of quality of the vinyl playback systems and phono stages of today. The realistic sound of his inventions bring pure emotion and feeling to the listener.


After many years of success and esteem, the Nagra VPS is replaced by the CLASSIC PHONO. The VPS, itself inspired by the legendary Nagra PL-P, was a very respected phono stage. The VPS was the base we used and also the obvious product to use as a benchmark.

  • New generation Nagra custom made input transformers (based on the core of the HD PREAMP).
  • Full tube in Class A (total 4 triodes)
  • Comes with two inputs, one MC / MM (with transformers) and one MM (no transformers)
  • Adjustable and customizable cartridge loading
  • Selection of RIAA, TELDEC and COLUMBIA curves
  • Accommodates mono cartridges in true mono mode. Stereo / Mono selector on the front panel
  • Adjustable gain 38 - 64 dB
  • New built-in silent power supply, can also be upgraded with a Classic PSU


  • Gain switch LOW = 54 dB
  • Gain switch HIGH = 64 dB


  • Gain switch LOW = 38 dB
  • Gain switch HIGH = 48 dB

Vacuum tubes

  • 2x E88CC/6922
  • 1x ECC81/B739
  • 1x ECC83/B759
  • Selected by Nagra Laboratory

Sound and impression

The first notes strike with density and extension. The CLASSIC PHONO impresses immediately with its sheer quality. The very linear phase response is clearly audible with a very faithful stereo and 3D image. The timbre of the instruments is very impressive. After a few minutes of critical listening you simply want to rediscover your music collection and enjoy it! The various settings allow you to match the cartridge and the record very closely.

CLASSIC PHONO suggested Retail price in the US.

  • $19,750 USD

Delivery will start in September. To get an offer contact your Nagra dealer.


The CLASSIC PHONO features a new generation built-in power supply that offers great results. However you can take it to another level by adding the Nagra CLASSIC PSU. The Nagra PSU is derived from our HD Generation power supplies and features many technical advances that allow for an amazing sound reproduction.

HD PREAMP HV review in MonoandStereo Magazine, Part 1.


The HD PREAMP not only represents a cornerstone in the history of Nagra, it perhaps even more importantly has opened the way for the rest of the HD family. It is an example of a staggering effort to create something that goes beyond expectations and usual standards.
I had the opportunity to familiarise myself in detail with this extremely demanding project and had a close conversation with the people directly involved in the development of the HD PREAMP. HD PREAMP, now available in the current HV version, is one of the most time-consuming, and hefty- invested high-end audio products on the market.

MonoandStereo part 1


Nagra around the world

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CommonWave.net, LA California

Sounds by Listening in Style, Philippines

Arizona Hi-Fi, Phoenix

Nagra HD DAC X with the HD PREAMP makes music in a manner I never thought possible!!! Glen, Arizona Hi-Fi

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Recording session

The Balik Studio nestles in the Swiss Alps in dreamlike surroundings - a beautiful historic wooden house in the middle of nature in the mountains.

A very special recording session, a sextet of unique musicians from the Berliner Philharmoniker… this would be enough to thrill anyone, but now imagine them all playing on Stradivarius cellos, violins and violas… The concert was organized and hosted by Balik at the Balik Studio. The Balik Studio nestles in the Swiss Alps in dreamlike surroundings - a beautiful historic wooden house in the middle of nature in the mountains.

The Balik Farm is where the world’s best salmon are prepared. Peter Rebeiz, CEO of Balik, is also a music lover so he created a world-class recording studio inside the Balik Farm!

The studio is huge and was able to accommodate an audience of about 30 lucky souls. The recording was made as a souvenir of the event for the musicians and the guests.

The sound of the Stradivarius is difficult to describe; it is something to experience in your heart at first hand. What impressed me the most was the dynamic range and the fullness and richness of the timbres.

We recorded on a Nagra Seven, a Nagra VI and also a Nagra IV-S on analog tape… The microphones were Neumann and Brauner.



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