Miss National Beauty Official handbook

Mission Statement

Congratulations on being nominated for an Appointed Title! We are very excited to get to know you better & work with you this year!

We are a not for profit, scholarship pageant. Seeking women of all ages around our nation of all backgrounds, who strive to be role models, to set an example for those looking up to them. Who are looking to further their education and make an impact in their community. We are a sisterhood, we create bonds throughout your year of reign, whom become life-long friends, who we considered to be sisters in the end.

We have made it so that our younger divisions, specifically age groups 0-12, don't feel as if they didn't win. They all receive a crown for their effort and their dedication. We appreciate each of our queens. We want to boost self esteem and confidence. Keep a smile on their face, because they are our future. We want to assure this is an event the entire family will enjoy.

We believe in you, we desire to help you achieve your goals. With many events and activities to engage in throughout your year as a reigning titleholder. We also provide opportunities to promote your platform locally and nationwide.

Welcome to the Miss National Beauty Family! - Jailene Tirado (National Director)

Titles & Categories

Win Over $5K in Cash Scholarships & Prizes!

Local and State Titles Both Compete at Nationals!

State Title ($650) Includes-

  • State Title Reserved,
  • Official State Sash​​,
  • Official Custom Pageant t-shirt,
  • 2 Free Entries to Optional Competitions,
  • Entry To Nationals Paid in Full​,
  • Hotel Discounted Stay​​​,
  • Lunch Provided Pageant Weekend

Local Title ($250) Include-

  • Local Title Reserved,
  • Official Local Sash ​,
  • 1 Free Entry to an Optional Competition,
  • Entry To Nationals Paid in Full,
  • Hotel Discounted Stay,
  • Lunch Provided Pageant Weekend


  • Baby Princess 0-2 yrs
  • Tiny 3-6 yrs
  • Princess 4-6 yrs
  • Pre-Teen 7-12 yrs
  • Teen 13-17 yrs
  • Miss 18-29 yrs
  • Ms. 30-44 yrs*
  • Classic Ms. 45 yrs and up*
  • Mrs. 19 yrs and up *married or unmarried

Nationals Competitions & Optionals

Opening-On-stage question (After Evening Wear)

50% of overall score)

  • *Mrs, Ms and Miss will be in gold cocktail dresses, ​
  • Teen Miss, Pre- teen Miss, Princess Miss in ​red cocktail dresses
  • Baby Miss in pink /dress!


​(25% of overall score)

  • Swim wear for Miss, Ms and Mrs (One or two piece swimwear of one or two colors.)
  • ​(Sportswear for Teen, Pre-teen and Princess Miss)

Evening Dress

(25% of Overall Score)

**Baby Miss should be accompanied by one adult on stage. Will only participate in opening and evening dress.

Optionals are awarded by Applause

  • ​​**Top Model- $250 Entry, (Enter All Competitions) *Save $150!!! (Qualifies for Overall Winner of the Optionals Competition or "Top Model"
  • **Peoples Choice will begin one month prior to pageant date, all contestants will participate!**
  • Spokes Model- $50 entry
  • Most Photogenic- $25/photo,
  • Miss Bikini- $25/swimsuit photography,
  • Most Talented- $100 entry,
  • Queen of the Runway- $100 entry (includes runway t-shirt)
  • Fun Fashion- $75 entry
  • Community Service- $25 entry