Leonardo Da Vinchi artist,writer,inventor

Important Characteristics

Leonardo Da Vinchi was a writer,artist,and inventor. Leonardo Da Vinchi was smart and intelligent,creative,and inventive. He painted many amazing pieces of art and our first look at human anatomy, He even created the first flying machine.

Important Contributions

Leonardo Da Vinchi painted the Mona Lisa,The Virgin of The Rocks,The Last Supper, And many others.he also invented the first ever flying machine.Leonardo also drew a picture of human anatomy still used by doctors and nurses today.

Leonardo´s flying machine
Leonardo´s anatomy idea

Why I Admire Leonardo Da Vinchi

I love to build and I love art. Leonardo Da Vinchi did both of these things. He was a very famous painter (artist) and inventor. For example when I was younger, I would draw with my mom and I always build with Lego’s and tinker around with things around the house.

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