Peeta Mellark By Jacob pecora

Quote: Run Run Katniss!

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About Me

District 12 is the last district to go to we mine coal and get very little of it. Our district peacekeepers don't mind us hunting , break rules etc.... neither does the mayor. I'm a bakers son my family and I are well feed and we are middle classed in district 12 and I go to school and I see that girl Katniss Everdeen that I haven't got the guts to talk to in years. I'm 16 I got a score of 8 in the scoring and I weigh 152 pounds and can lift very heavy stuff my strategy in the games is to go with the power then betray the power and go find Katniss to ally with.

My Blog Entry

As I see Katniss run to the horn she looked distracted as if I distracted her and didn't go for the bow I saw I was scared that she was going to die because when I turned around before going in the woods she got a knife into her pack she grabbed then she ran into the woods. I run to the lake like Haymitch said to find a water source. I wait at the lake then some time the careers come over the hill and I'm shocked. they come to me and I know I'm about to die. I wish I found Katniss here but then cato to me and whispered to clove. "we should let him in our pack so he can tell us were his girlfriend is hiding". Then cato calls out to me to join them and I think its the only way to have food or weapons. so I say yes after they set up there base camp they gather all the food from the horn and make a giant pile. then I see the boy from district 3 carrying small metal plates then I saw they were mines. he is rigging them under the huge pile of food and was working on them until nightfall. we all go into the tent and wait for orders from cato. then a few minutes later he gave us glasses and torches to go hunt other tributes in the arena. we saw a campfire in the distance and we all went over there to kill the tribute after we killed her. cato and clove went to talk secretly by the tree I wanted to know what they were saying but they kept me out of it. after we were done here we went off to find more people but didn't find any but that girl then we went back to the camp and slept till day. then at night we see a huge forest fire and we all run to see if theres a tribute or maybe Katniss as we were looking. we found her in the morning she ran and. climbed a tree and kept climbing and climbing till cato couldn't catch her. we waited under the tree she was on I was thinking " I'm not going to kill her even if these careers force me to". the next morning I heard glimmer screaming then everyone ran and said to the lake!. and as I looked back the tracker jackers got glimmer and maybe the girl from district 4 as I. reached the lake they stopped following us and went away and we ran back to help them as I jumped through the trees I saw. Katniss I said what are you doing here go now! then I pushed her down the hill.

My Intrests

Strength ,baking ,Agility

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Jacob Pecora


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