Homelessness By: Jay , ASHi, gurleen, brenden

Our group has chosen to do our community issue problem on something we see everyday, but rarely being addressed as a serious problem. The numbers of homeless people are increasing and little to none action is being taken. We as a community need to be addressing this problem, and help people with better living because in the end we are all humans. Loss of homes is caused by three major factors, one of these could cause loss of homes or even if all three happen. The first one being structural factors, systems failures, individual circumstances. Structural factors include amount of housing that is vacant, lack of jobs and other factors that are not controllable by the individual. System failures are when there is a lack of support for immigrants and refugees that cannot help these individuals on their feet causing them to take a tumble. Individual circumstances include house fire, job loss, and or family diversion. Personal health issues and disabilities, or addictions are also included in this category.

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