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Is it worth the risk to climb Mount Everest?

I believe that it is worth the risk to climb Mount Everest. This is because, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to overcome. In addition, you will not be alone. There will be guides to help you get up there— also there will be different camps to take brakes, sleep, and get food. You'll start out at base camp to get used to the different conditions. Next, the view will be amazing, and your smile will be so big. You could tell everyone “yeah I was standing on top of the world.” That's not a lie because you will be standing 29,000 feet above sea level! You will also be on the border of Nepal and China, so you will be in two countries at once! Furthermore, Mount Everest grows .25 inches a year, so the longer you wait the more adventure you'll have. Plus, you could be one of the 30 climbers that make it to the top a day. That is totally worth the risk to climb Mount Everest.

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How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource can affect a region in negative ways. Having a valuable resource like oil makes some leaders want it for their own power. For example, crude oil is a valuable resource and Kuwait has lots of it. That's why the U.S. imports oil from there. Iraq wanted to take oil from Kuwait to control the oil reserves and have more power, but the U.S. didn't want them taking over it, so they went to war. That war was called The Persian Gulf War. In addition, having a lot of a valuable resource doesn't always allow people to have a better life. Even though Southwest Asia has lots of oil there is still poverty. This is because some countries rely on selling oil for money but since they have a large population, like Yemen, the amount of oil produced doesn't pay for the needs of all the people and they are still poor. A valuable resource, like oil, doesn't always improve life for people and it can even cause wars.

Map of Central and Southwest Asia

How do people adapt to living in a desert region. Life in a desert region can be challenging because of the conditions in that region, but there are many ways people adapt to the Sahara and the Sahel. People who live in a desert environment adapt by wearing special clothing and by shifting agriculture. There is a tribe called the Tuareg. They wear long loose clothing to protect them from the burning sun, in the Sahel shifting agriculture means you plant with crops for a year or two then move on because they will wear out a field. Planting cash crops like peanuts wears out the field faster than traditional crops. The adaptation would be for people to plant more traditional crops then cash crops. In addition, people adapted to Sahel and the Sahara is by using technology, such as in farming the economic activities and transportation. People who live in the Sahel and the Sahara adapted by using satellite phones to keep in touch with their customers. Drilling machines and electric pumps help them bring water to the surface to create new oasis. There are many ways people adapt to a desert and oasis regions like the Sahara and Sahel. Examples of adaptations changes in clothing, farming practices and using technology to their advantage. In this way even if conditions are hard there is always another way to overcome it.

Sahara desert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The forces that work against supranational cooperation is centrifugal. For example, in the EU people speak more than twenty languages, and that means that people can not communicate.In other words, people can not understand each other. That means that people can not share their ideas thoughts to other people easily. Regions like Western and Eastern Europe want to make their own government decisions. When countries join the EU they have to give up some power and they have to be able to work with the other twenty seven countries. Though they thought it was a good idea at first some countries are starting to find it difficult to get things accomplished because the EU has gotten so large. Centrifugal forces work against supranational cooperation among nations

The EU flag.

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is a group of people who create laws and provide services to a country, state, or town. Government is necessary because it protects citizens freedoms and keeps them safe. One way the government protects people is by creating and enforcing laws. If there were no government, and a country had anarchy, there would be a lot of chaos and war. This is because people would be afraid that other people would take their property, ideas, and even possibly their families. Citizens don't want to be afraid so they agreed to have government so that their rights and and freedoms are protected. The best kind of government has limits, so that even the government has limits to follow the laws.


A good citizen is someone who has rights, but also takes care of their responsibilities and performs certain duties. All citizens has freedom of speech, trial by jury, freedom of religion, and the right to privacy in the United States. American citizens have many freedoms, but with that freedom, people have responsibilities. For example, people have to pay the taxes, obey the laws, and register to vote. Good citizens stay informed, so when they are voting they can make smart decisions when they go to vote. In addition, a good citizen is allowed to speak their mind, and is someone who tolerates others and respects other people's opinions. They are good neighbors and take care of their communities. A good citizen makes smart choices and makes their country a better place.

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