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The forces that work against supranational cooperation is centrifugal. For example, in the EU people speak more than twenty languages, and that means that people can not communicate.In other words, people can not understand each other. That means that people can not share their ideas thoughts to other people easily. Regions like Western and Eastern Europe want to make their own government decisions. When countries join the EU they have to give up some power and they have to be able to work with the other twenty seven countries. Though they thought it was a good idea at first some countries are starting to find it difficult to get things accomplished because the EU has gotten so large. Centrifugal forces work against supranational cooperation among nations

The EU flag.

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is a group of people who create laws and provide services to a country, state, or town. Government is necessary because it protects citizens freedoms and keeps them safe. One way the government protects people is by creating and enforcing laws. If there were no government, and a country had anarchy, there would be a lot of chaos and war. This is because people would be afraid that other people would take their property, ideas, and even possibly their families. Citizens don't want to be afraid so they agreed to have government so that their rights and and freedoms are protected. The best kind of government has limits, so that even the government has limits to follow the laws.


A good citizen is someone who has rights, but also takes care of their responsibilities and performs certain duties. All citizens has freedom of speech, trial by jury, freedom of religion, and the right to privacy in the United States. American citizens have many freedoms, but with that freedom, people have responsibilities. For example, people have to pay the taxes, obey the laws, and register to vote. Good citizens stay informed, so when they are voting they can make smart decisions when they go to vote. In addition, a good citizen is allowed to speak their mind, and is someone who tolerates others and respects other people's opinions. They are good neighbors and take care of their communities. A good citizen makes smart choices and makes their country a better place.

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