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Welcome to the Superfood Revolution!

Purium Health Transformations are the “Gateway” lifestyle to a healthier way of living. Get ready to experience increased vitality, clarity, energy and confidence!



Understand the 3 phases of the 40 Day Transformation

How it Works!


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After Your 10 day PREP, Text the word “Transformation” to the number 55678. Receive daily encouragement throughout your 10 day Immersion aka “cleanse”.

Phase 2

10 Day Immersion

The Super Aminos 23 plus the Shakes will be providing plenty of plant based protein throughout your 40 day transformation! Our plant based protein allows you to eat plant based for your liver to detox and gives your body a break from the acidicity and toxins produced by animal protein.


During Phase 2, days 11-20, the 10 day Superfood Immersion (cleanse), these flex foods may be eaten whenever you take aminos. They may be eaten anytime throughout the 40 days. Recommended 1 C of flex food with every dose of Aminos between shakes. 3xday during 10 day Immersion.

  • Apple
  • Berries
  • Unlimited Celery
  • Unlimited Cucumber
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Zucchini
  • Leafy Greens
  • Lettuce


These can be used in shakes or drink separately. During cold seasons warm up the flex beverages, Don’t Boil so as not to destroy the live enzymes. Warm Vanilla Chai with Almond milk is yummy!

  • Herbal Tea
  • Unsweetened Nut Milks (read labels, be sure No Carageenan)
  • Coconut Water
  • Kombucha (Very Small amounts, in some cases not recommended)

Phase 1 & 3

Lifestyle, Prep & Post Immersion Integration


When do we eat Flex Meals?

  • During Phase 1 while prepping for Phase 2 (the 10 day Immersion) and Phase 3 when integrating foods after the immersion.
  • If you don’t want to be strict, then you may have flex meals during the lifestyle version of the 10 Day Immersion, you may eat one flex meal per day with aminos: Ideally vegan, gluten free, grain free.
  • If you’re working out, be sure to eat at least 300 calorie meals for every 30 minutes of working out. 1 hour of workout = 600 calorie meal. For reference 1 medium sweet potato is about 150 calories.
  • If you’re breastfeeding make sure to have 2500 calories minumum per day total, 120g protein. The 10 day Immersion is 1600 calories per day. So add in flex meals to produce enough milk for your baby. See bit.ly/mamasrevolution for more info. 1800 calories is good if your baby is eating some solid foods.



Begin with the 40 day to reset and continue with the Core 4 unique to your goal.

40 Day Athletic

Choose a shake:

Power shake, Love Supermeal or MVP Sport


Please share ingredients and protocol with health practitioner for approval.

Must total 2500 calories, 120g protein. 1800 cal if baby is eating some solid food. The 10 day immersion is 1600 calories so add enough meals in (which may contain animal protein if you’re an omnivore) to total the above.

In addition to meals add in these purium superfoods::

  • Core 4 with Love Supermeal
  • Tropic Oil
  • Barley Grass juice powder

40 Day Ultimate Nutrition for Lyme, Pathogens, Viruses

This protocol and ingredients must be reviewed first and overseen and approved by patients doctor.


  • Core 4: apothercherry, Lov or Power shake, super aminos 23, biome medic
  • 10 Day Cleanse/Immersion: Core 4 plus Super CleansR

Add in

Also add in White American Ginseng and a second round of CleansR herbs that you take 20 days later to kill parasites from any eggs that have hatched.



  • Has more protein needed for adrenal fatigue
  • Grains are sprouted or fermented so good for people afraid of lectins or phytic acid
  • Has adaptogenic herbs great for supporting hormone balance and libido
  • Contains mushrooms which are known for reducing tumors
  • Great for athletes wanting more protein
  • Helps with Leaky Gut
  • Helps with SIBO, IBS, Chrons, digestive issues


  • Wonderful for diabetics
  • Great micronutrients for athletes
  • Grains are not sprouted or fermented so may be problematic for people who are sensitive. Can cause bloating for this reason
  • Delicious

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