Police officer

Nature of Work-Police officer protect the lives and property.

Training, Qualification and Advancement-Education is requirements range from a high school diploma to college degree. Most police officer must graduate from their agency training academy. Police officer usually get a promotion after a probationary period.

Employment-Being a police officer is a good job. The most important thing about being a police officer is that you get to help the community and property.

Job Outlook- The possibilities are 4% from the 2014 to 2024 slower than the average for all occupations. Overall the level of government spending determines the level of employment for police and detective.

  • Percentage Employments:
  • Total all occupations: 7%
  • Police and Detectives: 4%
  • Law enforcement workers: 4%

Earnings: Police and sheriff's patrol officers 58,30 $60,270 per year , $28.97 per hour.

Related Occupation: Correctional officers and Bailiffs, EMTs and Paramedics, Fire Fighters.

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