Nature Activity at FLMNH Alexandra Anderson

Nature on Display- The butterfly garden was very appealing to me because it enables you to interact with the butterflies directly instead of having to see them from behind a glass display like most exhibits. The environment we enter is contrasted greatly from the green walls you see before you enter. As seen in the picture, the garden is true to its name with many plants and even a few waterfalls, meant to mimic a tropical rain forest. Being immersed into the butterflies natural habitat allowed me to learn about their free movements and camouflaging techniques, both of which I would've been unable to experience if they were trapped in a small case. This exhibit was by far my favorite because people of all ages enjoyed watching the butterflies, waiting to see what they would do next.
Nature and Ethics- The frog exhibit certainly gave me the opportunity to love, respect, and admire the land because it taught me so many new things. This display of dart poison frogs had about 8 small frogs in it so there was always something to see and their bright colors drew me in. I was surprised to see so many together because I learned that they produce skin toxins and some species are so toxic that they are capable of killing 10 humans with just a small dose. I found it ironic that these dangerous frogs are the same ones that are used as plastic toys. Although the frog species range from all over the world in places such as South America and Africa, bringing them all together in one room with displays only 10 steps apart allowed me to compare and contrast the frogs. We need to consider ourselves members of a biotic community because the frogs are just one example of a very small but powerful part of that community and should be respected and conserved to keep the ecosystem in balance.
Nature and the Human Spirit- The Natural History museum helps us to step out of our normal lives because it brings us up close and personal with our environment in unexpected ways. For instance, the picture above was taken as a golden birdwing butterfly was mid flight after perching on the leaves. This exhibit had birds and butterflies flying around at their own desire in a screened in room. Butterflies are all around us outside but very rarely do you get the opportunity to see so many close up to appreciate their delicate and colorful wings. This museum in particular reminds us that our environment is so diverse and beautiful, but sometimes you need to appreciate the smaller things in life. Without the smaller things like birds and butterflies, there wouldn't be a big picture, that make up our well balanced environment.

Anderson, Alexandra. Butterfly Exhibit, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida.

Anderson, Alexandra. Butterfly Rainforest, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida.

Anderson, Alexandra. Dart Poison Frog Exhibit, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida.

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