Muscles How are muscles Structured?

Our emotions and body movements are seen everyday and our muscles are used to make them. There the type of muscles skeletal , cardiac,and smooth muscles.

Skeletal muscles are connected to our bones which helps us to produce different body movements. These muscles are considered to be striated muscle throughout our bodies. Skeletal muscles fibers are connected together by blood vessels , and connective tissues .

Our shoulder skeletal muscles.

Cardiac muscle is consider to be the most special out of the three because it is involved with pumping our blood to our hearts.This muscle is only found in hearts and it does make up our heart's bodily mass around the heart. The cardiac muscle does help our heart maintain it's rhythm throughout the day even when it is moving.

Cardiac Muscles

Smooth muscles are developed to protect our tissue of our body vessels such as our small intestine. Smooth muscles do protect us for endangering our stomach and bladder systems . Smooth muscles is consider to be microscope striations and narrow.

Smooth Muscles

Students will gain knowledge on how muscles protects organ and bones throughout our bodies. In the next Iesson the students will learn the names of all muscles throughout our bodies.


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