My Grade 9 Self Brianna schlosser

Throughout the years I involve myself in many different physical activities. I enjoy playing volleyball on the beach in the summer, going to the gym on the weekends or after school and fitness/dancing on my free time. I decided to start becoming active when I was around six years old. Dance was my number one priority until I become interested in volleyball and running. After a while I felt great about playing sports. Now having a job and being in high school my sports have been cut back and the gym is the only activity I get.


During fitness between the time of the beginning to the end of the semester my fitness has improved pretty well. I picked the five exercise's because I believe that they are exercise's that make me push more and work harder. Two exercise's I will compare is the beep test and wall sit. I chose those two because they are my best improved exercise's, I bumped up my result in the beep test to a 7.1 from a 5.3. My all sit was improved by 21 seconds as I worked harder to improve my core and leg muscle.

Vertical jump

Field Hockey

Going into the new field hockey sport was definitely a fun experience for me. At first I thought that maybe it was just like hockey and it might be as easy to understand all the rules and regulations. When I found out that there was different passes I took me a while to figure out how to do them. The way that we are supposed to hold the stick was a little easier, but the way you hit the ball wasn't so easy. After a while of practice I finally understood and enjoyed the sport.

Field hockey

Track and Field

If I was to participate on the Listowel Lighting Track and Field Team one of the events I would chose would be long jump. I choose this event because each year in public school I placed top five. The formation for this event was easy for me to learn. It's like after take off you fold yourself in half so you get to the furthest point. Another event I would participate in is would be hurtles because like long jump your still in the same format just a little bit different. I like jumping events because it feels that when my feet leave tHe ground it's like everything is clear and I can focus on what I like best.


If I was to explain to another student how to hut a football I would start off by showing a few videos of professional football player hutting. Next I would explain to them that you start of feet shoulder width apart. After that step the next step is to bend your knees and hold ball with either one or two hands whatever is more comfortable for the "hutter". When holding the ball make sure that your middle finger and ring finger are on the lacing. Your pointer finger will go just before the lacing to help the ball spiral. As the receiver stands behind the "hutter" the receiver will say "hut" and the "hutter" will send the ball back.


Volleyball is definitely a favourite sport as I could completely say that it is 100% my favourite. I think volleyball is so popular because of the fun it brings. For sample I like volleyball because when I come off the court I'm not sweating or really out of breath. Volleyball is fun because your not always running around trying to touch the ball or wait for someone to pass to you. In this sport you actually get a turn with the ball, everyone can verse their friends and still enjoy this sport. If one of my friends were struggling with their skill execution I would definitely help them out. Let's say they were struggling with a serve I would start off by saying to them that bending your knees will help the posture. Next I would tell them that flattening your fingers will help the ball fly over the net.


In the badminton sport I would prefer to play Singles. I prefer singles because you get to have more time playing and versing your friends. Playing Doubles is fun but when you play with a partner sometimes there gets to be a rally between your partner and your opponents. When playing Singles your always making contact with the birdie. You and your opponent can have a good rally and fun game until someone gets the point. Sometimes it also gets nerve racking as well when your waiting for your partner to return the birdie to your opponent as your partner may miss the birdie giving the other team a point. Overall I prefer Singles because having a constant rally is more fun and its nice to have the whole court.


I think strong decision skills is important because throughout high school everyone goes through peer pressure. A lot of the peer pressure comes from your friends or maybe the people you thought were your friends. For example if someone asked me to do drugs or smoke it would be my choice on if i want to or not, in my case I would say no and if the people asking me to join don't like my answer they will most likely start to pressure me. My options then would be to walk away or ask someone for help. Decision making is a big part of high school and I think that talking about it helps a lot of students get a better understanding of it.

Advice to my Grade 9 Self

If I was going to give advice to grade 8 students I would definitely tell them that high school is a blast. I would for sure say that the homework can be brutal and that the people you meet on the first day may not be the people you will hangout with throughout high school but you will meet friends because there is lots of people to meet. next I would tell them that if they feel like they are struggling that its okay to get extra help or stay after class nobody will think less of you.

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