VYNL'S Playlist collection new year, new tunes

New Year's resolutions...

...everyone's got 'em, including us here at VYNL. Namely, we felt that we were letting our music game drop way off the back. So we decided to kick off 2018 with a refreshed Spotify page full of playlists for any type of mood, ride, or training session. You may not love them all, but hopefully there are some new to you tunes that will become a regular part of your earhole routine.

STEP ONE: LOG into spotify

Can't continue without doing it.

Done? Good. Moving on.


These are tunes made to make those long miles drift by without getting your heart pumping too fast. Think acoustic, let's ponder the meaning of life tracks.

Tempo Mixes

Need to dial it up a bit? These playlists have some more beat driven melodies designed to get the pedals turning faster without blowing you up.

Let's get serious...

Push it

Ok, you've warmed up, and it's time to ride in the pain cave. We invite you to enter Zone 5 with some face melting metal or push it with some old school classics. Both playlists are designed for maximum efforts.

Now cool it down...

You've done the work, and now it's time to spin it out so you can ride another day. These mellow mixes are sure to keep you cool and collected as you let your feet turn in easy circles.

For before the ride...

Pre Race / Ride Grooves

For our final (and maybe even our favorite) playlist, we asked Jake Gilchrest, known as @Cyclofunk for good reason on the grams, to make a playlist built around his unparalleled musical knowledge and taste. Chances are you haven't listened to these tracks, and chances are, you definitely should.

One more soundtrack...


Check out the official January soundtrack from VYNL Race Bikes, a mix of our favorite tracks from our Spotify playlists, and stay tuned each month for a new set of music curated especially for fast riders of fast bikes.

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