Cleopatra Vii Brooke schroeder

Introduction she Cleopatra was an Egyptian Pharaoh, she ruled with wisdom, and beauty. She lived from 69 BCE to August 12, 30 BCE. She took the throne when she was just 18 years old. Even though she was an egyptian queen her family was really Macedonian Greek.

Characteristics of Cleopatra

she was known for:

  • Her beauty
  • Her wisdom
  • Thought to be Isis, and had divine right

Life as a Pharaoh

After the death of her father, Ptolemy Xii, Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy Xiii, were left as regents. Soon after, Ptolemy Xiii forced Cleopatra to flee from Egypt to Syria. After a while, Cleopatra raised an army and attacked the southern border, with the help of Julius Caesar's army. Thus, Cleopatra regains the throne from her brother.

Julius Caesar

After Cleopatra took the throne, Caesar remained in Alexandria. He was in Egypt, because he needing funds to return to power, and needed Egypt to pay their debts. Shortly after, Cleopatra and Caesar had a son, Caesarion. Sometime, Cleopatra traveled to Rome to visit Caesar, and then he was murder.

The Meeting of Mark Antony

Meanwhile, conflict between Mark Antony and Octavian was taking place in Rome. Both sides asked Cleopatra for support, and after stalling she sent four Roman legions, that were stationed in Egypt, to support the triumvirate. Mark Antony summoned Cleopatra to Tarsus ( south of modern Turkey) to explain the role she had in the complication aftermath of Caesar's murder. When she arrived, Mark was seduced by her charms. Later, he agreed to protect Cleopatra and her crown. Leaving his wife/sister and three children, he travels to Egypt. After spending the winter there, he turns to Rome. While he was away, Cleopatra gives birth to twins, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene.

Ruling on her own

While mark was gone, Cleopatra was left to rule her country. She even earned the her status as a great ruler by expanding agriculture, paying respect to Egyptian tradition, became very educated from her enjoyment of reading and writing, and unlike her ancestors, she handled the state's money well, and did not run the country into debt. Even though she was a women, she developed her country better than anyone before her.


Anthony turns his back on Rome, and returns to his lover. He grants the land that Cleopatra was wanting in return he gets the resources he needs to win the war...

Years later, Cleopatra gives birth to her third son, Ptolemy, and Rome is wanting to fight against Cleopatra and Anthony. Wars begins, and Cleopatra and Anthony are quickly out resourced. They flee and Rome take Alexanderia, capital of Egypt.

Death of Cleopatra

After the battle, Anthony hears rumors that Cleopatra has died, which is false, and he kills himself. August 12, 30 BCE, Cleopatra buries Anthony and meets with Rome, she takes her life in her chamber. How she takes her life is unknown, but many believed that she poisoned herself with a cobra, also known as asp. Upon her request, she is buried with Mark Anthony. In the end, Rome takes Egypt.

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