Crispr By jack williams, dan carlino, and jimmy butler

Crisper is a new way that scientists believe can be used to combat viruses through a defense mechanism that bacteria have called Cas9 which also could evolve human DNA. Crispr- a segment of DNA containing short repetitions of base sequences, involved in the defense mechanisms of prokaryotic organisms to viruses
There are many potential uses for Crispr and genetic enhancements including DNA modification, anti aging medication, and the end of diseases. Crispr is revolutionary and can completely change modern medicine as we know it.
Crispr should be used for many reasons including the end of deadly diseases and because other nations will continue to research it but could abuse it. Crispr has many more advantages then disadvantages and is necessary to become a more advanced society.
Crispr is very interesting because it opens the door to hundreds of possibilities including the quick evolution of humanity through generations. It is interesting because the opportunities to use it are endless and amazing.

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