What Is It About The Oregon Triathlon? Our Prettiest and Toughest Course Of The Year

Stacia Bloom, pictured left, and Stacey Shand, below, run through the twists and turns of the natural path situated inside picturesque Scoggins Valley Park, where much of the race on foot takes place.

Stacey Shand

For most athletes this is a welcomed reprieve from the pavement, and provides the visual appeal needed to keep the course fresh and stimulating.

Our Toughest Course: A Scenic "Mother-You-Know -What" Outside Of Portland, Oregon


"The first year people came here thinking they knew what they were getting into..." says race-director Teri Smith, "They didn't. In fact year one, most of the athletes weren't even able to finish. And these were experienced triathletes! They came back year two ready to be challenged. Since then, they come more prepared, and now every person who competes in Oregon says it's 'phenomenal'. Not one person hates this course - it's definitely unique."

Trevin Fugere, above, and Luca Zanetti, background

Cheekily referred to as the "Bad-Ass" Single & Double Anvil, the Oregon venue packs quite the double punch with its exciting inclines and frequent rolling hills. It's for those looking for the challenge of a Triple inside the distance of a Double, because, as Teri puts it, "this course is one hard mother-f*cker" - and scheduled smack dab in the middle of summer, the idyllic travel destination in the Pacific Northwest doesn't disappoint for those skilled in working hard and playing hard.

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Freshly Paved Roads

Lisa Wei-Hass

Make The 224-Mile Bike Segment A More Enjoyable Ride.

Brian Connors

Featured Background: Dolph Hoch IV, left, and Chet "The Jet" Blanton, right

Conquering The Incline In 2020

The "Bad-Ass" of the course starts right away with a steep incline that gets riders out of the saddle and pumping hard to reach the top, but the short punishment is well worth the reward of captivating lakeside views along the freshly paved roads.

"Before this year the roads were paved in that kind of chip seal style asphalt that sucks all of the speed out of your tires and boy, the athletes really did not enjoy that! But they just repaved the roads this year and the ride is a lot smoother now so it feels like a real competition. It's way more fun for them when they're already having to work so hard up all the hills and around the lake" says the second of USA Ultra Tri's race directors, Steve Kirby.

The inclines are especially fun for those who are used to training through this kind of hilly terrain, or who are wanting to push themselves in a brand new way. Or, as Kirby puts it "this is for the 'flat is boring' crowd!"

Featured here: Georgeta Gruescu

"Some areas of Europe have comparable training grounds. The topography is similar, if not steeper, so athletes training there may be more used to this type of terrain. This Oregon course is well-suited for athletes looking for that next level of challenge, for sure" adds Teri.

Race Directors Steve Kirby, Left, and Teri Smith, Right, Meet Italian Athletes Giampaolo Bendinelli and Luca Zanetti at the Finish Line.
Henry Hagg Lake at scoggins valley state park

For athletes interested in competing with us in Oregon 2020, be sure to hold your spot through our sign-up page here.

This venue is open to all triathletes interested in competing in Single (full 140.6 mi) and Double-Distance (281.2 mi) courses.

Given the level of difficulty the natural landscape of this venue offers, Oregon competitors are allotted 39 hours to complete the Doubles (3 additional hours compared to the standard Double) and 18 hours for the Single (1 additional hour than standard Singles).

We are excited to feature a brand new Aquavelo option for 2020, for those who prefer to compete in the swim + bike and skip the run altogether.

For those who prefer to bike + run and skip the swim, we've also added a Duathlon to our 2020 roster!

For the Aquavelo/ Duathlon competitors, be sure to check our Oregon Event Page for allotted finish time for each.

Race check-in for all athletes is 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Thursday, 18 June 2020.

For more information, including course map and applications, visit our Oregon Page Here.

Shanda Hill, top, hits the Anvil, middle left: Dolph Hoch IV runs, middle right: Juan Sagastume on the bike, bottom left: Georgeta Gruescu finishes the swim.

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