Whitelocks add MDS M515 Trommel to help them process material that their rivals can't

Whitelocks is a North Yorkshire based company specialising in plant hire, earth works, reclamation and remediation. The company was established in 1997 by John Whitelock and has quickly grown to become a trusted provider of plant and services to leading constructors in the region, including major civil works contractors and utilities companies.

Whitelocks first started working with Blue 3 years ago, when they took on a used screener. Fast forward to 2020 and they are currently running 3 Powerscreen Crushers, 3 Powerscreen Screeners, 10 breakers, a screening bucket and now an MDS Trommel, which were all supplied by Blue/Murray Plant. John Whitelocks, Owner of Whitelocks explains: ‘’Jordan Havern from Blue was the only salesmen from any supplier to take a genuine interest in where we were when we first started in crushing and screening. 3 years ago, we only had one screener and a crushing bucket. Jordan tried out different machines with us and worked with us to get us to where we are now’’.

Whitelocks most recent purchase from Blue was an MDS International M515 mobile trommel and was brought in to give them a competitive advantage over their rivals. The material that comes into Whitelocks’ recycling yard is usually high in clay content, extremely wet and sticky. A normal vibrating screener struggles with this type of material, with meshes blinding and causing contamination in the mid-size and oversize products. Because the MDS trommel has a drum cleaner fitted, it keeps the drum holes open, allowing the material to pass through. The scrubbing action of the trommel drum cleans up the oversize and mid-size material as its dragged along the barrel.

John Whitelock, Owner of Whitelocks, comments: ‘’We’re find that the machine performs excellently, it’s very simple to use and its efficient on fuel due to the small engine size. I have also been particularly impressed with the drum cleaner and the capacity that the machine can handle. It’s great to be able to process materials that our competitors can’t’’.

The MDS trommel splits their material into three sizes; <80mm (fines) comes off the conveyor at the back and goes straight into their wash plant. 80-150mm (mid-sizes) come off the side conveyor, loaded onto Artic’s and taken straight out to other sites. The oversize material gets fed straight into either a Powerscreen Jaw Crusher or Impactor Crusher.

From Left to Right: <80mm (fines), 80-150mm (mid size), Oversize material

When asked on his thoughts about Blue’s backup and support, John explained how Blue Spares came to the rescue a few years ago: ‘’The Christmas before last we had a Screener go down and it was the Friday before Christmas. I got in contact with Blue Spares and they had the parts I needed on site by 5:45PM the very same day. Half of the other suppliers I contacted for the spare part, didn’t even send a quote back until the New Year!

Jordan Havern, Regional Sales Manager at Blue Central comments: “A massive thank you to our friends at Whitelocks for the recent purchases. John, Amreet and the Quarry Manager Luke have been loyal customers and I appreciate that they continue to choose Blue Central to help grow their business, with plenty more to come!”