Jennifer valdovinos

It all started when...

Three unsightly witches were gathered cackling about a man by the name of,Macbeth and speaking about treachery and saying "Fair is foul and foul is fair".Then we first see the infamous Macbeth in battle, he's described to be fighting so valiantly and alongside him his comrade,Banquo. Macbeth slashes through his enemies, until he gets to the main threat, Mcdonwald, the Norweign traitor. Macbeth successfully kills Mcdonwald. Which makes him a hero in the eyes of many but especially King Duncan

When King Duncan hears of this soldier who has fought with so much passion and bravery, he decides to give him the title of Thane of Cawdor. As Macbeth and Banquo are on their way home on a ominous night they stumble upon three weird sisters who then tell both of the men of their futures. They tell them Macbeth will be named Thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland, and as for Banquo, the witches tell him that he'll be the father to a long line of Kings'.

Macbeth takes the place of the old Thane of Cawdor who turned out to be a traitor, one prophecy correct. In honor of his new title he celebrates and the King stays at Macbeth's home. Lady Macbeth so very ambitious prods at Macbeth's masculinity and encourages him to kill King Duncan in order to move his already powerful title to the highest title. He then performs the evil deed by killing the king and staging it as if the King's guards killed him by drugging them and smearing the deceased King's blood all over them which was her idea. When Duncan's sons; Donalbain and Malcolm find out they flee to England.

The prophecies were all true, Macbeth was then crowned King soon after Duncan's death. However, there was one thing in the way of King Macbeth's title...Banquo's son, Fleance. If the three witches' prophecies were correct then Macbeth needed to do something quick before he was dethroned. He hired murderers to kill both of them however only Banquo was killed. Which was on Macbeth's dirty conscience. He was then revisited by the witches who informed him that he needs to worry about Macduff, no man born of a woman can hurt him, and to not worry until birnam Wood move up Dunsinane.

The new prophecies of the witches threw Macbeth off and he was worried about Macduff and how he'd get in the way of his title. So naturally, he slaughters his entire family. Which make people suspicious with all these deaths, Malcolm and Macduff start to take action and try to restore the throne to it's rightful King, a King more worthy. They try to plot a war against Macbeth and restore Scotland. Since the murder of Duncan, Lady Macbeth cannot stop feeling guilty for basically being the instigator in his death, she dies of guilt.

Macduff and Malcolm were able to successfully get an army to help overthrow the tyrant that is Macbeth. They show up with their army and they get branches from the trees that happen to be in Birnam Woods, as they move towards the castle. A messenger informs Macbeth that the woods are moving up Dunsinane and Macbeth gets hysterical, one of the three prophecies is true...

Macbeth gets prepared for what he fears must be his end. He still believes he will thrive because as the witches said, no man born of a woman will be able to hurt you. When Macbeth kills the young Siward, he feels a bit more relieved. Till Macduff shows up, he wants to get it over with because he believes nothing can happen to him and Macbeth tells him he can't do anything to hurt him because he was born of a woman, but he was wrong! Macduff was born through c-section and they soon duel.

As they fight for their lives, Macduff was able to kill Macbeth and the tyrant was finally overthrown!


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