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William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-On-Avon. He lived from 1564-1616.he was a major figure during the Renaissance. He was one of the greatest poets and playwrights known to history. His life revolved around London and Stratford. He had a very unique and specific taste.

William Shakespeare


William's father was a glove maker with different types and materials including leather. He became an actor in his early 20's. William was actually the oldest surging child of his family. His parents had many children but William was the oldest. His sisters died after infancy and his brother were born before him, but also did not make it past 3. He attended schooling until 15 years old when his father randomly stepped away from the public.

William Shakespeare had many women who admired him during his time.

Training and Education

Shakespeare studied Latin and Classical Literature while in school. He was a very quiet, and somewhat mysterious man who kept to him self growing up. He became an actor in the London Theater Company, one of the biggest acting workshops. Many of his plays were showcased in Globe Theater. He wrote many plays over the course of 2 decades. He also was a buisness partner during this time.

Example of a play bill while he was still producing plays

Achievement 1

William Shakespeare wrote 14-line poems called "sonnets." He also wrote over 38 plays with various genres. He was known for his comedies, tradgedies, and love stories. He explored a broad range of subjects while writing or directing. 1592 was a big year for him. He wrote his very first play during this time. He performed many different plays as well.

Macbeth playbill

Achievement 2

William Shakespeare was known for expressing his feelings in plays. Many of his plays demonstrated his emotions. He had a deep understanding of human behavior. Shakespeare used vivid characters and plot lines. Many of his plays were personal to him. He even acted in some of his plays.

Shakespeare supposably writing his plays

Achievement 3

William Shakespeare had a deep influence on writing during this time. He used inspiring sayings that are still recited today. Shakespeare became steadily famous and was an extremely motivational person. His sayings and phrases soon became seen on selling titles.

Example of one of his sayings

Final Years

William Shakespeare left a mark on literature and the English language. Unfortunately, he died on April 23, 1616. He died suddenly without any signs of why. Theories say, that it could have been an infectious disease but there is no sure proof. The reason behind this is that his brother and law died suddenly a week before. Shakespeare was a man who will always be remembered and continue to be an inspirational figure from the Renaissance.


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