ISD110 BYOD Toolkit help your student use technology purposefully

Welcome to the ISD110 "Bring Your Own Device" family toolkit. Scroll down for district expectations, device care and maintenance, digital citizenship topics, district program guides and staff help contacts.

Building and technology staff are instrumental in preparing students to meet the demands of their future as global citizens, digital learners, innovative thinkers, and collaborative problem-solvers.

Student and staff computer use is guided by the District Internet Acceptable Use Policy 524 below:

Please reference the below videos as you get started with the BYOD program and set expectations for use with your children.

Schoology is a one-stop shop for accessing all your students' upcoming course events & information, due dates and some extracurricular activities. It is used extensively in grades 6-12, and in some classrooms at the elementary level.

Log in from the My Accounts tab at isd110.org. Then click the Schoology icon. If you need assistance, please email schoologyhelpdesk@isd110.org and include your name and your children's names/grades/buildings.

Need help? Check out these resources:

The below Digital Citizenship topics are covered in media and/or advisory lessons in grades 3-12. Please visit the links provided to learn more about each topic at CommonSenseMedia.org.

Mobile Phone Use at School

Elementary & Middle School students who choose to bring mobile devices to school must store them in their locker and turn them off during school hours. (This includes phones AND smart watches!)

High School students are allowed to bring their mobile devices to class, but may only use them in accordance with staff directions.

Parents: Please refrain from texting, calling or messaging your child during school hours. Call the office if you need to get a message to your child.

Screen Time Management

Part of life as a "digital native" is learning to balance screen time and down time. Help your child develop good media habits with these resources:

Waconia Schools Media & Technology staff highly recommends that families complete a Family Media Agreement form with each child, before allowing him or her to use technology independently.

Social Media Use

Social Media sites and apps are disabled on the ISD110 network for all students in grades K-8.

High School students are allowed to access social media sites between classes and under guidance of building staff, such as for school projects.

Talk to your kids about social media expectations before allowing them to sign up for an account, even if they have reached the legal age of 13.

Internet Privacy & Settings

Internet privacy and filtering is something that we take very seriously at ISD110. All devices connected to district internet and WIFI are browsing under a district web filter that blocks inappropriate content and malware.

Students are not allowed to use VPN's while at school, either on their personal or school devices.

Parents are strongly advised to use filtering software and set privacy settings and/or parental controls on home and mobile networks. Contact your internet and/or mobile provider for more information.

Learning with Technology

ISD110 students in grades K-4 have access to iPads (K-2) or Chromebooks (grade 2-4) at a 2:1 ratio.

ISD110 students in grades 5-12 participate in a 1:1 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program that allows them to purchase or rent a mobile device for the school year.

21st Century Learning is all about looking for purposeful uses of technology; for communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. This does not mean that students are using their device all day, every day.

The ISD110 Media & Digital Learning team promotes technology use for active learning. Our goal is to help increase student engagement, teach students to research deeply, and to create authentic products on a variety of devices, apps and programs.

Sex, Gender & Body Image

Teens and pre-teens are bombarded with media messages from television, movies, radio, YouTube, social media, video games... the list goes on and on.

Help your child navigate the good, the bad and the uncomfortable topics of media messages regarding sexuality, gender and body image with these resources:


The Media & Digital Learning team in your school will help your child develop coping strategies for dealing with cyberbullies, haters and trolls.

Parents can help by staying informed and reinforcing strategies at home.

Media Literacy

News and Media Literacy is one of the most important 21st Century skills that students will need to function and thrive in the digital world. Topics covered at in media lessons and language arts classes include research strategies, website evaluation tools, evaluating author's purpose, and separating fact from fiction.

Still need help? Please reach out to the Media & Digital Learning Coordinator for your building, at the contact information below.

Bayview Elementary: Kerry Canfield - kcanfield@isd110.org
Laketown Elementary: Laura Gingras - lgingras@isd110.org
Southview Elementary: Jen Wallace - jretkawallace@isd110.org
Waconia Middle School: Mandy Bellm - ibellm@isd110.org
Waconia High School: Erik Olson - eolson@isd110.org
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