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August 23, 2017, in heading “Exclusive” by “Gordon” an interview with Valentin Nalyvaychenko named “Here is my fists, I am ready to defend Saakashvili.” was published.

Take the statements made Nalyvaychenko, and compare them with the known facts.

In this case, we will not dwell on assertions of senior KGB Lieutenant (By the way, according to declassified documents) Nalyvaychenko denied allegations that he is a KGB agent. We will not just deal with the fact that Nalyvaichenko headed the secret service of Ukraine “quota Firtash.” Refutation of this constantly repeated “white and fluffy” Nalyvaychenko mantras devoted a separate article, published under the title ” Served in the KGB .” Nalyvaychenko is also the son-in-chairman of the KGB of USSR S. Mucha.

Billboards with Nalyvaychenko have long hung in Kiev. From where the money is, Valentine?

We consider only the part of the made Nalyvaychenko statements that relate to the history of Crimea surrender. Facts for comparison will take proven. In particular article-research by Andrei Illarionov, published with the title ” If Russia saw the resistance of Ukraine, it would have turned the operation of the annexation of the Crimea” and “Indications I.Girkina.”

  • Nalyvaychenko: This is the only president (referring to Viktor Yushchenko), which acted decisively, and we then drove FSB of Crimea terminated the agreement with by the FSB, which was signed by previous presidents (let’s not offend them, to still come to you and about this is related).

It means, Nalyvaychenko argues that under Yushchenko FSB officers were expelled from the Crimea. In fact. Until 2005, in the Crimea SBU Kuchma, it was about 45% of the FSB, and that’s when Turchinov and Nalyvaychenko, this percentage rose to 80-95%!

  • Nalyvaychenko: At this time, the annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation carried out the troops of the Black Sea Fleet. 24,000 military, which launched Yanukovych of “Kharkiv agreements,” with the assistance of the cells of the Party of Regions, Communists, and other so-called Crimean authorities – they have those traitors and collaborators, who on 20 February helped occupation forces and handed over to them, including the Parliament … no seizure of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea was not. Crimean militia (and this is the evidence in the case of high treason and the whole regime of Yanukovych, who has passed the Crimea) gives arms and starts Russian special forces in the parliament.
  • Nalyvaychenko: February 24th – I can talk about what was happening at this moment – there was no army in the Crimean peninsula and nearby or SBU (betrayed primarily manual Simferopol and Sevastopol administrations).
  • Nalyvaychenko: … And most importantly – local authorities: the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, and the mayors of the Party of Regions and the Communists in the Crimea – they are invaders and collaborators who have spent and the annexation and occupation.

Nalyvaychenko carefully replicates the myth of the alleged betrayal of the security forces, including the army. He Gauvreau lie, repeating the official (turchinovskij) version of the Crimean events, consisting in the fact that Ukrainian law enforcement authorities and the Ukrainian army refused to carry out orders and Kiev to oppose the Russian invasion.

The fact that these statements are not true was known before. Nevertheless, it is important to obtain confirmation of these facts from this witness as Girkin.

Girkin: “All the other law enforcement agencies – the Interior Ministry – were under the authority of Kiev, Kiev fulfilled orders. And do not follow the instructions that they gave the new government … I do about Ukrainian army did not say. Who are the central security forces? Army. Army as a subordinate to Kiev and continued to obey. Yes, reluctantly, also I sabotaged … but obeyed. Furthermore, most of the units, in the end, remained faithful to Kiev and went to the Crimea. ”

Girkin said that he “did not see any support from the government authorities of the Crimea, it was not her. Deputies collected militia to drive them into the hall, so they took it … that really there to talk. I was one of the commanders of the militia. I saw it all from the inside, with his own eyes.”

The main reason for the success of the Russian operations of an occupation of Crimea and the relative failure of Russian operations for the capture of the Donetsk, Luhansk and other areas of Ukraine. Girkin called the presence of Russian armed forces in Simferopol and Sevastopol, and their absence in other Ukrainian regions: “If in Donetsk and Luhansk have stood APCs Russian marines, everything would be the same. Moreover, the same would be in Kharkov. And in Nikolaev. And in Odessa. And everywhere. The only factor that was missing [there], and present in the Crimea – is the presence of Russian troops occupied the support uniquely position … Would this support in other regions, would be the same bloodless resounding victory in the Crimea. ”

Thus, contrary to the assertions Nalyvaychenko, Girkin confirmed that the collection of Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea on the session, adopted a decision on “okkupendume” was forced by “militia, who hunted them into the hall.”

Nalyvaychenko’s story about the absence of the army in the Crimea – is also a lie. I will give the story by Evgeniy Marchuk: ” In February-March 2014 was to frontally with Russia do not fight we have enough forces in the Crimea, but the first, the initial, phase of the operation of the annexation of the peninsula to block. However, the act had to be very fast and safe. Russia strongly Before applying power, the fighting, the situation is almost a component of one to one situation in 1994 is repeated. … Our guards there was enough, plus the military … Thus, under the protection of the political structure and the controls take the Supreme Council, Cabin a ministerial broadcasting company … “

  • Nalyvaychenko: But there was no panic I nor Alexander Turchinov, no one has any of the new leaders of law enforcement agencies. It was the understanding of the drama of betrayal and scale, which then destroyed the state.
  • Nalyvaychenko: Yes, it is possible and necessary to oppose the aggressor. But it’s needed in the first days (and we were doing it) to create a new counter-intelligence, the new anti-terrorist force, the new troops (this is not my responsibility; this was done by Alexander Turchinov and those who posted for the Ministry of Defense). This fact is the truth about what happened, and now need to do to return the occupied territories.

Nalyvaychenko’s words : “had an understanding of the drama of betrayal and scale” should be understood as an attempt to justify the lack of order in the resistance to the aggressor. Let’s see what Nalyvaychenko with Turchinov, “engaged in since the early days.“

As for the acting president of Ukraine (at that time) Alexander Turchinov. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the decision to use the armed forces to counter aggression is taken solely by the President or Executive Officer. And for this, there is no need to convene the National Security Council. Also, the transfer of presidential powers in the matter to others is a flagrant violation of the Constitution, which led to serious consequences – the loss of the Crimea and Donbas.

In fact, one of the objectives of the well-known publishing transcripts of the National Security Council was designed to shift the responsibility for the decision that would not resist the aggression of the NSDC.

As follows from published material, Nalyvaychenko (and Tymoshenko) suggested not to resist Russian aggression. The reference to “the Americans and the Germans” in a speech Nalyvaychenko raises some new questions about the real role of “Western partners” in the delivery of the Crimea. But who exactly is (and who) recommended “not to start any active operations,” and what the actual goals are pursued at the same time, it is – a separate issue.

At the NSDC meeting, Nalyvaichenko and Tymoshenko were offered not to resist Russian aggression.

It should be mentioned that the participants of the meeting were entirely correct to characterize the actions of Russian troops. They talked about the aggression of the occupation, about Putin’s annexation of Crimea plans. Thus, the qualification of Russia’s actions was correct. However, after this, it was necessary to act as required by the Constitution. However, none of the necessary measures had been undertaken.

And it Turchinov did everything to make the right decision at this meeting has not been decided, with the knowledge of the participants about the content of his conversation with Sergei Naryshkin. That tried to blackmail members of the National Security Council.

General Malomuzh Nikolay Grigorevich in November (2014) gave full testimony that two weeks before the invasion of the Crimea, he pointed Nalyvaychenko, Turchynov, and Yatsenyuk, which is preparing to Russian occupation of Crimea, and specify the exact date. General Malomuzh claimed that he is ready to take to Kiev Aksenov and suppress invasion. However, they refused to do so.

Interesting fact. At the beginning of the occupation of the Crimea by Russians, General Staff planned an operation that could change the course of events. This action aims to prevent the occupation of the steppe Crimea.

According to Viktor Muzhenko: "If we fulfill these measures, which have been planned, we had a chance to control the steppe Crimea It would not give the possibility to carry out the Crimea, they are called.” The referendum ” How to further develop the event, it is tough to predict. .. But there was a chance … The next day, Russia sent to the Crimea 8-9 transport aircraft such as IL-76 and up to 12 helicopters over the Crimea."

To stop this operation was involved in the defense minister Igor Tenyukh and beg. General Staff Mikhail Kutsin. Is not this one of the reasons why now Turchinov and Avakov began information attack against disagreeable Viktor Muzhenko?

On the contrary, there is evidence that the Crimea passed knowingly.

"People are begging to give them weapons to defend the Crimea, but the order and Kiev were unequivocal : Weapons from the personnel to withdraw and close to stores keys from the warehouses to give the representatives of the Russian administration, personnel held as he could, picked up a stick, but it was funny, of course, officers with families that live directly on the RF territory in cities, angry, but they could do order Pepo passed through it? Puppet Turchinov was straightforward – Crimea surrender, RF pass, arms and ammunition, all the property – to hand over Russian resistance is not proving in any way."

From an interview with “Left Bank” Major of Special Force Operations Aleksey Nikiforov, who in February 2014 was the deputy commander of the 501st separate battalion of marines:

“All leaders were led to believe that on any small movement in the direction of Russia could start World War III. And each of them was afraid of this. Even visited the former Defense Minister Kuzmuk in Perevalnoe ( the village in Simferopol region of Crimea – Ed.). Gathered the commanders of all isolated parts, and from the podium and said to them: “You are here carefully, from a single shot in Sarajevo, World War I began,” – says military.

“What was supposed to do after the unit commander? When do you assume it’s representative of the National Security Council? “

Further, according to the findings by Andrey Illarionov, if Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and the Ukrainian armed forces stationed on the peninsula, got from Kiev (the new Ukrainian authorities), the order to isolate and neutralize the terrorists who seized on the night of February 27, 2014 in the building of the Verkhovna Rada Simferopol, t block Sevastopol, on arming, the implementation of relevant state patrol, defense, infrastructure of Crimea, on the discovery, if necessary, against the terrorists fire, then Putin’s’ gamble on the capture of the Crimea would have ended at the end of February – at the very least at the beginning of March 2014, it is evident, or with minimal losses or no losses. The intervention at Donbass could not take place.

The fact that the order for the defense in the Crimea, Kyiv authorities have not been given – either February 27 or the next day, or in March; that such an order was not given, and when the commanders of the Ukrainian military units requested and demanded return of such an order, even on open communication, even in the media either; that in the future representatives of the new Ukrainian authorities are trying to cover up their criminal inaction of the mass of a variety of versions, each of which turned out to be untrue; – all this indicates only one thing: the decision not to give the order to resist, the decision to give Russia the Crimea new Ukrainian authorities was made deliberately. The term “treason” – the term “negotiable war” for the law is often used for the emotional evaluation of such actions.

Operational neutralize the terrorist group that seized on the night of February 27, 2014, the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea in Simferopol, is likely not only to provoke a full-scale invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine but also would have made it impossible. Therefore, encountered the claim that the possible decisive actions of the Ukrainian authorities in Crimea would call in response to a full-scale invasion of the Russian army, apparently contrary to both the theoretical concept of a hybrid war, entered service General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as practical actions of the Russian troops in the well-known post-soviet conflicts. On the contrary, it is decisive actions of the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian power units for the immediate elimination of the sources of such destabilization in the Crimea and the Eastern Donbass very likely would eliminate the conditions for the future direct invasion of Russian troops.

As you can see, Nalyvaychenko statements contradict the facts about what actually happened during the capture of the Crimea. He distorts the facts, simply lying. By default, he said it is clear that he considers himself a participant in these events. In that case, why lie? Whom he tries to shield? Himself? Turchinov? Organizers Crimea surrender, close to Turchynov?

  • Nalyvaychenko: The same applies to the Crimean “Alpha” – it was placed in the House of Trade Unions for the shootings activists on the Maidan …

Remember (as long as no one had confirmed, but not refuted) Nalyvaychenko statement that “the Crimean” Alpha “was placed in the House of Trade Unions for executions of activists in the Maidan.

  • Nalyvaychenko: Here is an example of the traitor of the people who had to defend Ukraine. Petr Zima, Sevastopol SBU head appointed Ybyanukovych. He also, in theory, was supposed to give the order to the head of the SBU, “Begin, we leave to you.” (And helicopters, by the way, at that time was neither we nor the police nor the National Guard under). Who is the traitor Winter is one of the leading positions in the Federal Security Service in Moscow, I received two or three apartments on the FSB. That’s what is to blame …

Then why Nalyvaychenko silent about the fact that the current head of the anti-terrorist center of the Security Service appointed Vitaly Malikov, an outspoken separatist, who helped pass the Crimea. None of the interviews, he does not discuss this fact. Do not, for the reason that in contrast to Peter Winters, Vitaly Malikov lives in Kiev? Or are there other, more compelling reasons?

The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that it was Valentin Nalyvaychenko covers a wanted criminal, his KGB counterpart Vladimir Totskii, one of the operations managers and developers “Boomerang.” Totskii is suspected of organizing murders on the Maidan. And now quietly living in Kiev.

How strange looks, blame only those traitors who have dropped to such an extent that they are forced to hide in Moscow. In focus, not notice (and even the cover) of the same, only in power or living in Kiev.

Next, a few quotes from an interview with “Gordon.”

Here is a dialogue in which Nalyvaychenko ask a question about the upcoming entrance of Michael Saakashvili Ukraine.

  • – You understand that when you attempt to enter the territory of Ukraine Saakashvili may occur hassle?
  • – There will be no hassles …
  • – Personally, you’re ready with his fists to defend Saakashvili?
  • – Here are my fists, that Nalyvaychenko … Of course …

Radically corrupt Lyashko already seconded Mosiychuk explicitly for the organization “mess” when Saakashvili met while crossing the Ukrainian border it. And, too, with his fists. “Brawl” is very successful gangster government. And the following scenarios for all participants “mess” can be very different. Up to … And what role that would stop the provocation organized by the authorities, will be able to play fists Nalyvaychenko – the big question. Nalyvaychenko or going to bring to the meeting of the “Trident,” CHA, UNA-UNSO, and Kuhn? Or he knows the reason why “there will be no hassle”?

Nalivaychenko has experience in protecting power. When on 12.11.2016 the authorities threatened the 3rd Maidan, Nalyvaichenko gathered in the hotel Kozatsky titushky, who spoke in defense of the usurper Poroshenko. The essence of the planned Nalivaychenko provocation "Anti-Shatun" was to push the atolls on the Maidan with the "atolls" from the hotel Kozatsky.

Screen of the site from spravedlyvist-ato.org.ua

This page is still online spravedlyvist-ato.org.ua

A typical representative of “Not a pseudo-patriot” from Nalivaichenko.

Those who opposed the government (including Rustam Tashbaev), have been declared agents Nalyvaychenko “D-LC” (video).

Below is a screen with Rustam Tashbaev comments on the statement by Nalyvaychenko.

Screen comment Rustam Tashbaev about the statement Nalivaichenko.

Add to the above that Nalyvaychenko never made any statements about his relation to Cop lawlessness arranged Avakov in Kiev. And not only in Kiev.

Nalyvaichenko never spoke out against Avakov

The fact that the security forces (let’s call them SF) are planning to do now, in the 13th – 14th did those who had expected to bring a bunch of Poroshenko-Klitschko to power. It means while publicly beating students (to be more believable), make sense to kick a bunch of bystanders. And they show it all on TV (this is important). And off we go … And they controlled.

It is they who are now doing. Trying to control the possible protest and change of power completely. What would be the right time to change it on their own.

Let’s try to put together a simple fact. SBU represented Nalyvaychenko controlled “Trident,” some of whose members are employees of the SBU. And not just “Trident.” Photo and video materials proving this statement is more than enough. “Trident” was the basis for the “Right Sector.” The organization, which for the first time we’ve heard on the Maidan. SBU thus gave the opportunity to gather in one organization and control of revolutionary sentiments of the Patriots. The majority of which was used blindly.

Answering the question: “Right Sector” on Independence appeared spontaneously and accidentally? Do you believe in such “accidents”?

Today we know that at the time of the Maidan SBU developed and implemented (with PBS) program called ”Boomerang,” which aims to build up the situation in Ukraine. What is the role of the SBU Nalyvaychenko employee in the events on the Maidan? And it is not that why he is harboring a wanted criminal Vladimir Totskii?

Another fragment of dialogue.

  • – What kind of relations with Surkov the staff of Poroshenko have, can you say?
  • – Departures in the Crimea (now annexed !) And talk about some political projects.
  • – Who was flying, can you say?
  • – These are materials that need to be examined by law enforcement agencies. The materials of the Ukrainian investigation, when I headed the SBU, the information was. So let us, I’m not doing a service to those who have been and remain the real agents of the Federal Security Service in the Ukrainian authorities that they are now all of a not cleaned up.

The fact that Viktor Medvedchuk was organized meeting Poroshenko and Surkov, which all kept secret – is no longer a secret. On the essence of this “dogovornyaka,” we can judge by the subsequent actions of Poroshenko. Probably, the organization of the Minsk talks, too, was the result of agreements at this meeting. And Poroshenko actions aimed at the destruction of the volunteer movement – too.

On the Internet, there is a sufficient number of reports about the secret meeting between Poroshenko and Surkov.

Nalyvaychenko word can be interpreted as an attempt to present himself as a hero, “to uncover a conspiracy.” But at the same time, our hero did not specify any targets of the conspiracy or conspirators. Be likened thus so inspired he was criticizing, in the same interview, Hrycak. He had just (in the same interview), long criticized for fog and innuendo in the supposedly “solved” the SBU special operations.

Below is a video. In which Valentin Nalyvaichenko is trying to explain to journalist Natalia Vlaschenko, what specific documents they were given to the US Department of Justice.

The primary purpose of these movements Nalyvaychenko – to get at least some kind of credibility on the part of the United States.

And lastly, Nalyvaychenko reveals the “mystery” of who intercede for him before Saakashvili to join the “Staff of the joint action” with “Rukh Novih Forces.” In the ability, Anatoliy Gritsenko to “negotiate” no one really doubted.

  • Nalyvaychenko: Affair (the release of auto-maidan activists captured in Crimea) under my direction involved a new security officer. Crimea while nobody gave. We started to counteract [annexation] these new people, the group traveled to the Crimea, – it was my secret orders, but today I have to declassify them.
  • – You knew he was the son of Anatoly Gritsenko in this group?
  • - Find out as soon as the operation ended, and the young avtomaydanovets and Ukrainian patriot Alexey Gritsenko was on Ukrainian territory, Nalyvaychenko reported that to Anatoly Gritsenko. How? I gave him a “friendly” pass. Let him say, as I did …

It ‘s hard to judge whether it is of any “secret order” here is talking Nalyvaychenko. And what specifically expressed his “opposition to the annexation of the Crimea.” But we see the result. And the fact that Nalyvaychenko trying to “hang” on the security forces, the army and residents of Crimea Crimea blame for the change, which would justify the treason of responsible persons in power, we also see.

Especially concerning the Crimea – a group led by Nalyvaychenko not detained Yanukovych in Crimea. A time margin allowed to do so.

I recall that when the Acting President Alexander Turchinov ordered the establishment of the headquarters of the anti-terrorist operation and release of buildings in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk, chairman of the committee in Lugansk was Nalyvaychenko. In these cities have been sent special forces SBU, the Interior Ministry, and the NSU.

April 6, 2014. The police on the orders of the leadership of Kiev for the SBU building in Lugansk. Cop admits that they were given the command to give up the building to separatists (video):

April 7, 2014, it was reported that in Lugansk flew NSDC Secretary Andriy Paruby and head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko. When it was over, we know. Ready to storm the separatists captured administrative buildings of special forces team to release building on its leadership is not received. The story of the occupation of the Crimea was repeated in Donbass.

Intriguing evidence of the role of Nalyvaychenko occupation of Donbass gave Nelia Shtepa.

As you can see, Nalyvaychenko statements contradict the facts about what actually happened during the capture of the Crimea.

In conclusion, we present a few more clips. Draw your own conclusions.

Here is a movie about how Crimeans allegedly “handed over” the Crimea.

Here is recorded the conversation with the Russian military in Crimea >>>

And here is the movie about those that MinStets “kryschanami” called. The film, like the civilian population, resisted Russian occupation of Crimea.

A total lie – this is an old, proven by KGB logic, which the government is trying to protect itself. Never give the power to agents of KGB-FSB-SBU, and then dono’t say you were not warned.

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