The Things I Learned From The American Revolution Malachi Ray

The Virtue of citizenry it is capacity for selflessness, self-sufficiency, courage, and for the appetite for civic involvement. The Republicanism was opposed to aristocracy and monarchy. The Radical Whigs where British political commentator there ideas where turned into american political.

The Stamp Tax was around the year 1763. This act made a huge uproar every one had to have the stamp or it couldn't be sold. The Quartering Act made colonist pay for The British soldiers food. They didn't agree with this law they have their own problems, but now they had to pay for British troops to eat. The stamp act caused the revolution as well.

Here is what the stamp looks like

The Americas where trying win their independence from Great Britain. In the battle of Yorktown. This war was in the the year of 1781. This battle is called the "last major land fight."

The singing of the proclamation of 1763 the made no one aloud to have a settlements in the west of the Appalachian Mountains. That was just one of the causes of the American Revolution.

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