Mercury By Jacob Sumpter

Mercury's element symbol is Hg.

It has an atomic number of 80 and an atomic mass of 200.59.

Mercury has 80 protons and electrons and 122 neutrons.

Mercury is a liquid at 28.9. it is also the heaviest know elemental liquid

mercury is a metal

Mercury has been around since ancient time. It was known to ancient Chinese, Egyptians, : Hindus & has been found in tombs dating back to about 1500 B.C

Mercury is mostly used in batteries, fluorescent lights, felt products, thermometers & barometers.

Physical properties are that it is a liquid at room temperature and vaporizes w increased heat.

Chemical properties are that it does not react with most acids such as dilute sulfuric acids

Unusual facts about Mercury is that it is a shiny, silvery liquid metal , sometimes called quicksilver. Although mercury and all of it compounds are known to be highly toxic, it was considered therapeutic throughout much of history.


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