Advertisment Krispy kreme

What type of text is this? What is its title? Website address?

This is an advertisment. The title of this advert is "Doughnuts are bad for you" by Krispy Kreme.

Who are the primary and secondary target audience?

The primary audience are the people who like doughnuts and them seeing this advertisment would cause them to be outraged over the statement "doughtnuts are bad for you". They will feel enraged until they finish reading the advertisment. This statement can also draw in some people who do not like doughnuts as they will agree with the statement.

What is the text’s primary purpose and secondary purpose?

The text's primary purpose is to engage the reader as well as capture their attention long enough to get their message across to them. The purpose of the advertisment is to create a humourous wall of text about thinking that every harmless thing can kill you. The secondary purpose is to turn the people around from thinking that doughnuts really are bad for you to think "why does it matter that I eat a few doughnuts?"

What important language / linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?

The language in the text is informal to make it seem that the text is 'talking' to you and selling you the doughnut like a sales person would. The author included sarcastic humor in the advertisment to display how funny it is to think that every harmless thing can kill you. This humor makes the audience more likely to read the whole advertisment as well as want to buy the doughnuts Krispy Kreme are selling.

Is syntax important?

The lengths of the sentences in the advertisments are really short. This makes it sure that the company can keep hold of the reader's attention as they read through the advertisment. The short sentences constantly forces the readers to stop as they read, making them slow down. But at the bottom of the text, the last paragph talks about how hilarious the assumption that everything is bad is. At this point the sentences are longer which makes the reader 'calm down' in a way as the sentences doesnt constantly stop all of the time as if reaching a resolution of the advertisment. Then paragraphs in the advertisment are done in a way it seperates the different senarios of when the example is bad for you.

What about pragmatics? (author's adgenda)

This is important as the authors goal is to sell the doughnut to the consumer as well as keep their attention.

Is typography important?

The typographt is important especially for the title. The font of the title is larger and bolder than the font of the rest of the advertisment. This is make sure that the title captures the reader's attention to make them read the rest of the text. With an 'enraging' title of "Doughnuts are bad for you" this will, for sure, capture the reader's attention. The colour of the body text is green instead of black. Making the text green makes the advertisment not look serious and instead fun and light. Green has the connotation of peace, calm and free.

Visual images, charts, and graphics?

The image of the doughnut with tiny little devil horns makes it seem that the doughnut is evil and bad. The image of the doughnut also attracts the readers to read the advert as people are more drawn to pictures than to text. All of the text is green this lets the logo of the advert blend into the text as it is also green. The readers would then not notice the logo until after futher inspection or after reading the whole advert. The donut helps make sure that this is possible as it is the only non green object in the advertisment. The style of the overall advert is very plain. It has a white background and only a single picture of a donut. This makes it sure that there is nothing else distracting the reader when reading the advert.

Other striking features?

The article starts off in a serious tone as we read all the way down to the last paragraph the tone shifts to comforting. Comforting as the last paragraph reassures the audience that they have the answer to whether you should be eating that donut.

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