Immersive Van Gogh 108 West Germania Place, Chicago, IL 60610

Immersive Van Gogh, created in Paris, recently launched its US premiere in Chicago's Lighthouse ArtSpace at Germania Club.
Vincent van Gogh spread, scraped and brushed back paint; but, his intense creativity deepened his canvas with profound layers of ingenuity.
Immersive Van Gogh presents a half million cubic feet of mesmerizing projections of Vincent van Gogh's art and passion come to life.
Van Gogh's masterpieces go beyond being framed and hung on a wall.
Van Gogh's self-portraits, despite their towering appearances, make their impressions with fresh perspectives.
The immersive experience of choreographed soundtrack and projected videoscape surrounds everyone across four galleries.
Van Gogh's artistic techniques, such as his application of paints, are faithfully presented in stunning details.
The expansive large gallery is breathtaking.
Four walls never before felt so open and free.
The floors display their own coordinated projections, deepening the immersion.
The doors of perception open reconnection with our imagination.
Van Gogh's signature masterpieces enwrap everyone in rapture.
Created By
Joseph Bonus


Copyright 2021 - Joseph R. Bonus