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Show it don't tell it.

Architectural photography and real estate photography have a lot in common at first glance. Once placed side- by- side however the goals for each photographic style difer greatly, so do the techniques and equipement used.

Wether the goal is to showcase your property at its best or photographing an aesthetically pleasing and accurate representation of a building, I understand their importance.


A package for £200* includes:

  • Shareable page editable on demand+ my support
  • Up to 15 Hi- Res Images
  • Video Overview of the Property
  • Property Flooroplan
  • CLICK below for your page sample:
  • https://spark.adobe.com/page/04QqiORdw0voI/

*Based on 2 Bedroom Property


Krajcik Photography




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Stefan Krajcik



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