The Best of What Canada has to Offer By: Bhumika Patel

Beautiful Scenery and Nature in Canada

Peggy's Cove, nOva scotia
Flowerpot Island - ONT, Bay of Fundy's Hopewell Rocks - NB, Albion Falls - ONT, Lake Louise - AB
Niagara falls, ontario

Niagara Falls is located between the border of Canada and the US. Niagara Falls, one of the most beautiful scenic places to visit in Ontario. It is also known to be as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World”. This gained their reputation from Aaron Burr’s daughter, Theodosia, in 1801. Niagara Falls is filled with captivating history, within the USA and Canada ("Historical Information on Niagara Falls - History"). The Falls includes many attractions that will make you enjoy your day. These activities includes: visiting Clifton Hill, Falls Avenue, Victoria-Centre, Fallsview and Lundy's Lane, the Skylon Tower, Butterfly Conservatory, and many more ("Things To Do | Niagara Falls Canada"). Visiting The Falls at night, on a specific day, the Falls will light up and fireworks occur. Lighting the waters began in 1925, by The Niagara Falls Illumination Board ("Niagara Falls Illumination").

Tourist Attractions

Canada's Wonderland - Vaughan
Canada's Wonderland - Vaughan

Canada's Wonderland is located in Vaughan, Ontario. This theme park consists of 200 attractions, 69 rides, and water-related activities. Wonderland officially opened on May 23, 1981, by William Davis, the Premier of Ontario ("Park History | Canada's Wonderland, Toronto, ON"). During every season each year, Wonderland has increased the number of rides and/or attractions throughout the park ("Timeline | Canada's Wonderland, Toronto, ON"). Today, with its roller coasters and its rides, Cedar Fair is one of the largest and most successful amusement park operators in the world. ("Park History | Canada's Wonderland, Toronto, ON").

Canada's Culture and Diversity

Canada is a multicultural society. Canada is also very supporting to many issues. Very recently, not just Canada, but throughout the world, the Women's March occurred after Donald Trump's inauguration. Many months before, the Pride Parade has occurred. Canada gets involved with many issues that mostly occur in the US or worldwide. Pride Toronto is a non-profit organization to bring together diversity of all communities. This organization presents Toronto on the world stage with diversity, inclusion and vibrant creativity. Pride wants to desire to empower people about sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions ("About Us - Pride Toronto"). The Women's March inspires to make promote that women's rights are human's rights, nevertheless of a woman’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability ("Mission & Vision - Women's March on Washington").

Why we should celebrate these values and beliefs about Canada?

We, as Canadians, should celebrate these values and beliefs in Canada because it represents 'Canada'. Canadians, in the past, have accomplished many things that made Canada claim its independence. We might've had fights or battles between various communities and countries; but it was worth it for the future of Canada. Since Canada is turning 150, this year, we should celebrate the places, people, etc. throughout Canada because it has taken many difficult paths to make this event or item allowed. Moving towards the future, Canada will and should always be inclusive and open-minded to make new ideas happen.

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Bhumika Patel


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