How The Raiders Ended Their Drought In 2016

How The Oakland Raiders Became A Super bowl Team

The Oakland Raiders, a team that has not made a playoff appearance since 2002 due to player injuries and lack of talent, would finally clinch the playoffs in week 15 against the San Diego Chargers. During many offseasons, Oakland picked up very critical free agents, and drafted star college players. All the money spent finally paid off in 2016.

The NFL draft is a process in which a team has a choice of 7 draft picks. Draft picks are star college players that are eligible for an NFL football team.

2014 was the draft year when Oakland hit the jackpot, firing their previous coach Dennis Allen and drafting star quarterback Derek Carr and star Left Defensive End Khalil Mack. Oakland had the star Quarterback, but who would he throw to? Oakland then drafted Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Amari Cooper.

Of course the Raiders were set on talent but all rookies can't run a team. To fix this, Oakland used free agency to their advantage. Free agents are players whose contracts with their teams have run out.

These players have the choice to re’sign with their previous team or sign a contract with another team. The Oakland Raiders had by far the best Left Defensive End in the league, but they had no Right Defensive End. Former Seahawks Defensive End Bruce Irvin then signed with

The Raiders along with former 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree to help rookie Wide

Receiver Amari Cooper.

With many talented draft picks, and athletic free agents, the Raiders seemed like the dream team. With a football genius coach Jack Del Rio the Raiders, and star players left and right the Raiders were set. Combined, in 2016 Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree had a whopping receiving 2152 yards. Mack had 11 sacks and Derek Carr threw 28 touchdowns.

The stats, and Oaklands 2016 12/4 record shows just how much all the money and work paid off.

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