How to Move and Resize Individual Modules A Guide for Students and Faculty

Who is this for?

This guide is for anyone who wants to organize content by moving around and resizing individual modules on the pages of their ePortfolio.

Step 1: Decide how you want the content to be organized on your page. In this example, the “Google Map” module is above the “Rich Text” module. However, we want to move the “Rich text” module to the left of the “Google map” module. (See image 1)

Image 1

Step 2: To move the “Rich Text” module to the left of the “Google Map” module, first we must move and resize the “Google Map” module so we make room for the “Rich Text” module on the left. Hover over the “Google Map” module so the icons appear on the right. You will also notice in the corners of the module there are circles that appear. These circles allow you resize the module by clicking and dragging them towards or away from the center of the module. You will also notice if you put the mouse pointer on any of the sides, it will turn into a two-way arrow meaning you can change the height or width of the Module. (See image 2)

Image 2

Step 3: Resize the “Google Map” module by dragging the left corners towards the right. Then click the “Move” icon to move the entire module to the right. On the left, you now have some space for the “Rich Text” module (See image 3)

Image 3

Step 4: Just as you moved and resized the “Google Map” module, move and resize the “Rich Text” module so that it fits next to the “Google Map” module. (See image 4)

Image 4
That's it. If you have any questions, contact the ePortfolio team or visit the MB-57 office.
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