Tour of the Harn By Dylan Chopra

This artworks medium particularly stood out to me as it brought to life aluminum foil on a much larger scale. Seeing the artwork in person helped to show just how intricate the piece was and how color had been put on it throughout in great detail. It made me feel as if a small crumpled up ball of aluminum foil that everyone has seen at some time in their life, was enlarged by many hundred time. This helped to give a sense of relatability to the artwork as it was a universally known object in a different form than usual.

Upon my entry to the museum I found the modern exhibit to be one of the most interesting in designs. It was very spaced apart so that each artwork could be admired individually, and even the seating helped add to the feeling of being modern. The spotlight lighting on each artwork helped to highlight them as well. The design of the exhibit allowed me to focus on each piece of art that I was viewing individually and without outside distractions.

This artwork had a profound effect on me as it made me feel sorrow and sadness. It depicts a dog laying at the grave of a person after a funeral. This artwork highlights the feelings of dealing with grief as well as the quality of loyalty. It helps me to better cherish life because our lives affect those around us, and are not only important to ourselves but to others.

This artwork helps to show the Sharing aspect of the good life. It shows a celebration, and how people come together with shared beliefs and ideas in order to take part in it. Additionally, the artwork itself is part of a collection by the name Meant to Be Shared which shows that the artworks ideas can be discussed among people and peoples differing opinions are welcomed. The artwork additionally shows how these ideas can continue through time as it is painted with the characteristics of an ancient setting.

Created By
Dylan Chopra


Created with images by kuratowa_1 - "New East Asian Art wing at the Harn Museum."

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