About marriage in Shakespeare's time. By. Alex Stehle

What does betrothal mean?

A betrothal is the old form of an Engagement (Johnston)


Name three marriage and betrothal customs of ELIZABETHAN england.

- it is lucky to have the wedding before noon. - at a betrothal, the man gives the woman a ring to be worn on the right hand and switched to the left at the wedding. - the father of the bride usually pays for the festivities (singman).


How is the intention to marry announced? what happens if it is not announced previous to the event?

The intention to marry must be announced in the church three times. Any marriage not announced beforehand is considered a secret, and illegal (singman).


what is a dowry?

A dowry is an amount of money, goods, and property the bride brings to the marriage (grendler)

EXPLAIN how important is a wedding ring to the elizabethans?

Wearing the marriage ring isn't either universal or sentimental (singman)

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