By Kyle Chamberland


The following contains several types of literature and media that will help inform students the fascinating world of dinosaurs. This test set is intended for grades K-3, specifically for grade 1. Through this set of children’s literature, students will be reading diverse types of literature, along with other resources helping them learn more about dinosaurs on a bigger spectrum. The topic of dinosaurs is important for students to learn about because the history connecting to the study of dinosaurs also leads students to see what we don’t know about our planet what we are still learning. Collecting information about dinosaurs is a wonderful way for students to acquire valuable knowledge about the evolutionary history of our planet and will also help allow students to develop their own opinions about the topic of dinosaurs. This text set can help increase students’ cognitive development since it helps encourage deeper thinking skills. Along with cognitive development, literature can also increase social development by increasing students’ vocabulary, reading fluency, and phonemic awareness. Access to this broad range of resources about dinosaurs will allow students to learn language by reading and listening to the stories/media provided. Lastly, the vivid images and bright colors within the text set would help in the growth of students’ emotional development by helping them make connections between the dinosaur focused literature and real life.











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