A Hedge is not Amiss SciFi-Mystery-Comedy-Web-Soap

Teaser Production July 2017



Soccer Moms...

... and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Good vs. Evil

Young vs. Old

Secret Agents

Time Travellers

Aliens …

... and your average neighbourhood bigots

Target Audience

Young Adults aged 20 to 30, SciFi-Fans (incl. 30+), Sohpisticated and tolerant Women, Classy Men…

In a Nutshell: People who enjoy an internationally engaging viewing experience with a local appeal…


Co-Production (Broadcaster)

Co-Production (Broadcaster, VoD-Provider)

VoD Programme

Marketing Platform for a Corporate Client (Ikea, Carphone Warehouse etc.)

Linear Exploitation

Feature Film / One Off Drama

Micro Series (11 x 12-15 min Episodes/Series)

Pre-Prime-Time Programme (11 x 20 min Episodes/Series)

Transmedia Exploitation

Web Series + Supplementary Media

2 New Spin Offs with Each New Series

Project Overview

Production: G.O. cross media production GmbH

Type: Short Web Series / 15 min Episodes (Option 1), Feature Film (option 2), TV Series (Option 3)

Genre: SciFi-Comedy

Running Time: 11-15 min per Episode (Option 1), 120 min (Option 2), 20 min per Episode (Option 3)

Execuitve Producer: Gerrit Oehlmann

Writer/Director: Cedar D. Wolf

Production Status: Financing Phase

Cast: Ulrich Faßnacht, Patrick G. Boll, Bico LaFrey, Judith Paus, Rita H. Wolf, Julia Dordel, Aaron Thiesse, Sarah Liu

Teaser Trailer (2017)