The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhard Iza Gonzalez

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, written by Michel Marc Bouchard, and directed by Jackie Maxwell, is a story of the power of art in our lives, and it can put the light on current real world problems. Michaud adores Sarah Bernhard and lives life as if he embodies the theatre, with little knowledge of the outside world. Talbot is the opposite, coming from a beyond poor family that survives only by the demoralizing hard labor of his mother and siblings and their hope of hime becoming a priest. Sarah Bernhardt challenges the students to embrace change, and challenge the status quo, even if it means shattering the social standards they have all engraved in themselves. Struggling with the past, present, and a future that could slip out of his grasp, Talbot is forced to make a decision that could have negative effects on his family. While Michaud enters the play as a stereotypical rich kid. Inexperienced in real world ideas or tragedies, he represents Quebec City, in 1905. The city and transformation of the youth and their personal journeys.
The Spatial Experience : The psychical setting of the theatre was larger than i envisioned them to be in the given area. I expected more staff involvement it was more open and free.I was neutral of appearance but was aroused by art pieces that were displayed prior to being seated.I believe i located myself towards the center which allowed a great view of the film and each character through out the play.Which in returned enhanced my engagement and interest of the play since i had nothing to hinder me.Also what helped the over all theatre experience was the abundance of people in the audience , it allowed more character and life to the environment.Place in the good life symbolizes grounded, at peace and at home. When one finds the place that unites them and suits their being is when they begin to grow but till then place changes constantly.Certain places can be what hinder us from the good life and hold us back from really enjoying life for what it is and the earth around us and even from enjoying ourselves. Place can play a role in finding the inner satisfaction within ourselves that we seek.
The Social Experience: The experience of attending the performance with friends and strangers allowed me see the different ways people perceived different events in the play and physically hear and see their reaction.Physically experience emotions around you helps give life to the play and a more arousing experience. I ended up going with a friend from the class to see the show for the comfort of familiarity. Enviting my friend to see the performance not only allowed me to see a new perceptive but also pick at my brain through conversations of our individual experience. Shared experiences in the good life are to enhance our individual life. To provide hidden wisdom and knowledge of other and in a sense awaken yourself by getting to know more of the variety of earth in the sense of humanity.Shared experiences allows us to indulge in one another and take a piece of everyone in us and intertwine it with our own being.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The performance allowed me to see how society views the raw reality what a large portion of th world is going though such as poverty , lack of labor , labor abuse , and low wages that have even taken over countries. We rather call art and play to a romance or comedy or even possible a child friendly film. We see things harshness and evoke a negative emotion of sadness in us as appalling or too graphic , making it harder to display certain creative ideas or announcements. Art speaks and talks and evokes emotions,a play is a form of art so why should we limit the emotions that can be played? why must we limit our boundaries? We have free expression but society doesn't seem to truly allow the individual to be an individual.The central issue addressed in the play is showing the power of art in our lives and in realization, the horrors of censorship, lies and secrets, the destruction of innocence, and the oppression of the Church in early 1900s. We see the individual desire and the desire of having a meaning can alter our previous paths as we seek for meaning in our individual life that just settling for what is demanded. The performance really allowed me to realize i must be more aware of what happens around me in life and how it passes by me by knowing whats on the news and even becoming more informed. See the reality of this reality we all live in and see what we have blinded ourselves to see. To really know that we are all being covered up in this lie and set of the way society has wanted to be envisioned that we are so oblvious and such beautiful fools that we do not know the mass damages happening around the world and the real suffrages with our surroundings.

The Emotional Experience:The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt allows us to come clean in the sense that we allow ourselves to be in complete oblivious state. We get controlled by different figures that have something to mask from us or just want to shun or deny something from us. There is this sense of control of knowledge, but it also has its limitation as well that are a result of societies restrictions . Society allows us to know what it desires us to know and we are taught to believe certain things and deny others and just not question some. However, we have to open our eyes and begin to discover life and life as it is . To not hide from it under certain structures and expectations of society but rather to admit to ourselves we are being lied to and do not know what really is in our surroundings that we believe is so familiar to you.

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