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Weekly Sunday Adoption @ Petco

Every Sunday, Animal Network holds a weekly adoption event @ Petco located @ 8495 W Warm Springs Drive, Las Vegas, NV. 89113 from 12pm-3pm.

If you are unable to make our adoption event, we may be able to do a meet and greet with you during the week if you’re interested in a particular animal. Just email us @ AnimalNetwork-LV@gmail.com and let us know which animal you are interested in meeting.


There are several ways you can be a boarding buddy to the dogs/cats we have in boarding!

  1. TAKE A WALK - Go to one of the places we board dogs and walk them before you go to work! Even if you can only walk one dog a week for half an hour, that will probably be the only real walk that dog will have that week and the only real human interaction they will get.
  2. TAKE A HIKE - Wanna really get a rescue dog super happy, take a dog on a hike at a public park, res rock canyon, calico basin or any other park, trail or venue you can think of! Just remember to make sure the grounds not to hot to burn their paws and bring plenty of water!
  3. BE A SUPERHERO - After work on Friday, stop by one of our boarding partners and take one of our rescue dogs home for the weekend so they can decompress from being in boarding. They’ll be excited when they first get into your house but you see, they’ll pretty much sleep the rest of the time. Being in boarding is extremely stressful on them, so they would just lobe a nice couch, floor or even a crate to sleep in. You will definitely make a positive impact in their life!

For more information on our boarding buddies program, please email us @ AnimalNetwork-LV@gmail.com.

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