Top Ten Cities i want to visit in america

10.New York City

I really want to see the big apple because I would see new people. It will be fun and new to adventure New York City.

9.Los Angeles, California

I would like to see Los Angeles because it has a lot of culture and art. Another reason is a lot of showbiz is there.

8. Denver Colorado

I would like to visit Denver Colorado because it's a beautiful place to visit and you can camp and hike there and I think that would be very fun for everyone.

7.Anchorage, Alaska

I would like to visit Alaska because it would be cold and I love cold weather. The other reason is because of there nature.


The reason why I want to visit Hershey,Pennsylvania is because it sounds fun and I think its about candy and who doesn't love candy?

5. Orlando, Florida

I really wanna visit Sea World very bad because I think it will be fun and their hotels ain't that much and the hotel rooms are very nice.

4. New Orleans, Louisianna

I want to visit New Orleans because of Mardi Grass I heard it's really fun and the other reason why I want to visit New Orleans is because of the super dome it looks very cool and I would like to see the inside.

3.Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to visit Las Vegas because I would stay out all night gambling and having fun then go to a nice hotel and go to sleep.

2. San Antonio, Texas

Las Antonio has a beautiful river walk and I would like to enjoy that when it's night time and I would like to go to Six Flags.

1.Honolulu, Hawaii

I wanna visit Hawaii because it's a good vacation and I would love to swim there and hang out in the sand and it's a beautiful view.

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