Create a creature project By- Lucas Topper

Name of organism- The mummified marine mamba

genus- dos cephalos apalala- the greek word cephalos means " headed" so the dos cephalos classifies the animal as 2 headed, and the term apalala means " water dragon".

Species- The mummified marine mamba is the first known of its kind, the animal can be classified as a 2 headed sea monster but can be put under the species name Hydrophiinae which is a common term used to describe sea snakes.

Common name - Mummified marine mamba

Zones and abiotic factors

The Mummified marine mamba is often found slithering in the dark twilight zone of the ocean during night time, in the twilight zone some common animals are octopus, eels, hatchet fish and some jellyfish like animals. but during feasting time around mid day this creature may also be found in the brighter photic zone.

Abiotic factors- some of the most important abiotic (non-biological) factors of the ocean ecosystems are light temperature, salinity, density, water movement, and nutrients, though this zone does not receive much light it is still important for limited vision in this zone. The temperature of the water ( which is colder generally between 30 and 40 degrees) also effects the density because cold water is more dense then warmer water, density also controls water circulation.

Traits and movement

Traits- Some traits that make this organism well suited to live in these zones are its ability to be transparent and hide itself from its prey, its 2 flexible heads which give it increased awareness and vision, and its curvy flat body which allows this animal to adapt its shape and dodge oncoming predators. When the organism goes into the photic zone to eat it uses it's 2 heads as deception, while one head is serving as a distraction, the other head then attacks the prey. Due to it' mummy qualities this creature can also play dead then attack at will.


Movement- this organism uses its curvy eel like body to swerve its way through the water, it sways side to side like an underwater snake using the force its body to generate power.


The Mummified marine mamba uses its snake like blue tongue to smell out and sense its prey, the animal prides itself on using deceptiveness and transparency to lure in its prey, it will then ether trap the animal ( if the animal is large) using one of its long tentacles , or just lure a smaller animal in and take a bite out of it, this creature loves to feed on the larger animals like squid and sharks but if in a mood for an easy hunt this vicious predator may just feast on smaller plankton or a tasty jellyfish


The Mummified mamba ranges from 17-20 feet


The color is white, it has these colors because white is a very transparent color in the ocean, it can bury itself in the sand or blend in to waters that are not that clear.


This creature has many ways of protecting itself, one of these ways is its ability to be transparent and hide in the dark and even blend into the sand and ocean in the lighter zones if needed to do so, this animal also has a vicious bite and a chokehold where it can protect itself from predators by wrapping it's long body around them and then attacking . If not in a fighting mood this animal may also just slither under the hard coral reefs and hide there until it is safe to do so.


This animal is a nektonic animal, this animal roams and migrates freely , it can eat and take down animals way bigger then them, one characteristic of a nektonic animal is being made of more cartilage then bone , this creature is made of no bone at all and has increased senses. They also mainly reside in the photic zone which is a common characteristic of a nektonic creature, it moves by using its curvy long body to swerve its way through the water, the faster its body goes back and forth the more power it generates which can bring it up to speeds put to 15 miles per hour.


Like many other animals, this animal breathes by taking water into its mouth and forcing it out through the gill passages which are located underneath it about midway down his body, what makes this organism interesting is that it also has the ability to breathe through its mouth and can ( if necessary ) live above water for up to 15 mins as long as the land is damp and it has some water preserved in its body.


This organism is very unique with its ability to reproduce asexually, it does not need genetic materials from 2 organisms, all it needs is itself to reproduce, only the female can on its own do the reproduction process but not at as fast of a rate as other animals, the mummified mamba can only have 3 offspring per animal per year. It can complete this task by a process called parthenogenesis, during this the polar body, or a cell produced alongside the female's egg, acts as a sperm cell and then fertilizes the egg. This does not require a male, only the female.


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