The environment A better work

What is the environment?

The environment is sometime you are very familiar with.The air se breathe,the water that cober mast of the eart's surface,the plants and animals around us and much more.In the resent years scientists have bean carefully exam the ways that people talk abaut "the envairoment" they are often refering the overell condition of our planet.

The air we breathe is getting contaminatet faster and faster. And as we need to breathe we have to do sometime.

Have you ever been un a big city for a long time?

In that case, they more likely to be In the color of the sky. This is blue. It has been noticed of layer brown-Yellow color or white-grainy. Has to be serius enough to change the color of sky. This change of color van reduce the visibility by 40%. In China for example the level of pollution is very high becose of the number of people there are

Can we do to improve the envairoment?

1*:skip the car,

Instaded of driving the nearby grocery store or talking the bus to work,Walk of rodé a bike reduse the amount of smoke In the streets

2*: recycle

Next time you go to the store,by things that can be easily recycle -like glass, cans,boxs...That Thing are made frome alredy recycle things reuse bags.

3*:Buy locally

When you buy locally gronw feets ,you're supporting farmers who are presersings.

4*: be mindfull whits electronic.

Turn off the light when you're not home,unplug all electronics you're not using -you've Heard this advice before. You can also change you regular lighbulbs aut Whit compact fluorescent bulbo to reduce the pollution.

5*: be meandfull for water

Instaded of talking a bath, take a shower baths take up twice as much water at showers. Keep your showers short and sweet becose every two minutes you can save 10 gallens of Water. Be meandfull abaut water.

6*:plants trees

Follow the footsteep of trees and go out In the world to plants some trees. Trees improvise water pollution,even just planting and simple mike happy whit their beauty.

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