Reflective Journal Week 3 - ECopper

I spent Monday at home drawing mind maps and rough ideas of what I would like to have added to my game. In conclusion I decided on adding in two more traps, a more recognizable boss and a few rough ideas of tiles. I added more detail to these new sprites by adding colours and planning their animations. I have decided to leave my tiles for last. I will attempt to have a go at them from midweek next week. This should give me enough time to finish most of the coding and sprites that I'll need for the game.

During my self study time on Tuesday I began to create digital versions of all the sprites I drew up on Monday evening. I created all of the initial drawings and then followed it by making the other phases that will play for the animation. I came up with a new spike trap which will replace the example trap that I made at the beginning of the year. The newest trap is an open panel which has let wires loose, the electric will cause damage to my player. I have edited my "Dead" animation slightly. Rather than my robot shutting down when he has no health I have created an animation in which his head explodes and he falls the the floor, loose wires in place of where his head was.

My Wednesday lessons were spent fixing all of the coding in my game. I had to first import my new robot sprite sheet, this caused a few issues when it came to my characters animation. I had to pull apart my animation state machine then re-program it so that all of the correct animations played when the right events occurred. I have not yet created an animation for when my character gets knocked back, I will work on this.

During my Thursday session I updated my Reflective journal for this week. I also continued to work on my website for David. I do not feel that I am good at creating the websites, I struggle with trying to edit and position all of the website features. After that lesson I got back to work on doing the digital design ideas for my more recognizable boss. I decided that it had to be something which was seen throughout the game, and would be a fairly even, if not stronger, challenger for my main character. I drew up several digital designs of 'creatures' that have appeared in the game already. In the end I settled on the design that I used for my character.

Fridays session was based around me getting my final boss finished. I have called it the -(Negative)D1G1T-402. It will also be known as Negative Digit. He is going to be opposite to my main character in as many ways as possible. I started with the colour of him, first I took his usual image and copied it. I then put a negative filter on the second image to get an idea of what colours I should be using to create my character in it's negative form. From the original I was able to make two other poses to make it look as if he is walking in the animation. I have created my new "flag" of sorts. It is an inorganic charging station. It will represent the main characters batteries charging for the next level.

I have made note to begin creating tiles for my game starting from Wednesday next week. I will begin drawing rough ideas on Monday, these ideas will consist of what I would like my tiles to look like and how I plan to lay out my levels. On Tuesday I would like to fix my health function. I have had a set back which has resulted in me having to do more coding than I expected. This should not take long so I will then like to input my new "flag" into the game. I am also aiming to have my bosses firing at me by the end of next week.

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