IM70.3 PUERTO RICO "IF you have everything under control, you are not moving fast enough"

The weekend started with the Ironman Pro Panel. Everyone was SUPER INTERESTED when I told them about how I don't shave my legs, love muffins and how all of my sponsors are the absolute best out there and everyone should buy their products.

I then got to spend some quality time at the expo with the great folks at CEP! I even picked up a new pair of socks for race day; #BOOM!

Pre-Swim, I did my typical breathing routine, swam about a 1500 and tried to get in a little conversation with some folks. Everyone was really nice, there was zero nervous energy and everyone just wanted everyone else to have a great day!

Then it was 'on like donkey kong' and Ben Kanute did an amazing job pace setting and pushing the group all day long.

We then hit the bike for a 56 mile scenic tour of Puerto Rico!

My nutrition was spot on and I felt well hydrated, even in the hot conditions

The pace and racing was honest; I found myself right where I wanted toe, at the front of the race going into T2. Then... I took a bit of a spill.

Despite being the first race of the year, my body responded fairly well. My HR was a bit high for normal racing but this was due to the humidity, heat and being a bit underprepared for the start of the season.

Those first 3-5 miles were rough as I could feel my leg immediately swelling up and bruising. I wasn't sure if I could even go on but I kept on telling myself: "I'm okay, Give me five."

While it didn't feel like rainbows and butterflies, it sure was pretty running through Old San Juan and up to the fort.

Even with a big deficit after those first 3-5 miles; I was able to fight my way back to 2nd place which felt really good.

And I was rewarded at the finish line with celebrations, smiles and hugs from the volunteers, racers and all of the AP Racing Athletes!

I don't know what I am saying but I am sure it was brilliant.

Post race- I had the privilege to spend about 2 hours handing out medals and chatting with all of the finishers! There were laughs, tears and smiles had by all!

And here are some media stats for the 2 week period surrounding the race





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