Understanding Politics How to become President

Understanding Politics

When I was little, I always found myself wondering about the unknown. I was eager to learn and understand everything that I possibly could. Asking questions became an obligatory aspect of my intellectual growth. I would ask questions about anything I could think of. Why do we need to sleep? Why is the sky blue? What are buildings made out of? When was the world created? Is god real? Regardless of the complexity of my questions, my parents always did their best to answer as many of the countless questions that I came up with as they could. The majority of the unanswered questions that my parents always failed to answer primarily stemmed from politics and the countless misunderstood components that politics entail. My parents would try to come up with vague answers that seemed understandable to someone my age, but inevitably the answer I always ended up receiving was, “You’ll understand it when you’re older”. Now that I’m older, I’ve grown even more determined to discover the hidden truths within politics that remain foreign to me. My main topic of focus is the journey to presidency and what steps the average person must take to become a respectable presidential candidate. Throughout the exploratory unit, I have discovered some of the answers to my recurring childhood questions.

Eager to get some of my initial questions answered, I begun to research “what does it take to become a U.S. president?”. I wanted to learn about the requirements one must meet to run for presidency. As I researched through articles in ABC-Clio and World Book, I learned that in order to become president, one must qualify as an eligible candidate. One interested in running for presidency must be a U.S. natural born citizen of at least thirty-five years of age that has been a permanent resident of the U.S. for a minimum of fourteen years. If one meets these three main requirements, they are eligible to run in the presidential race. Before launching a campaign, a presidential candidate must make sure they have the means to run a successful campaign. When campaigning, one needs to attend protests and host seminars, hire workers, have access to money in order to advertise. By running a strong, organized campaign, a presidential elect can gain support and allegiance from other members of the public. After being 100% sure you want to run for presidency, all running presidential candidates must declare their candidacy, select a running mate, and enter the race. Another component of presidency that must be considered is that the chances are that one’s campaign most likely will not be successful. There are many personal sacrifices that come along with running a campaign and one must ask themselves if they are willing to put themselves through such a mentally, physically, and emotionally draining process that could be all for naught.

Another important thing that a person needs to do in order to become president is making sure one hires intelligent people to help run a strong, successful campaign. Campaign assistants need to be knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly good at running a campaign. With the right supporting cast, running a strong campaign can be a piece of cake. Some of the things that these specific people will need to take care of are to help write speeches, raise money to keep the campaign alive, find other qualified people to help with the campaign, make the candidate look more appealing, and many other important jobs. Another way to help gain popularity while campaigning is to get the help of celebrities. Trump had many celebrity supporters including Terrell Owens, Mike Tyson, and Mike Ditka. Many people believe the mass celebrity support is a big reason why Trump won.

Once you have worked out if it is actually possible to run and have a strong campaign, you must file applications with the Federal Election Commission and declare candidacy. In this application you must prove that you have at least $5,000 that is available to spend on your campaign. If your application is accepted then you are an official presidential candidate. The final step to running for president is complete, but you still need to gain popularity. As previously stated, help from celebrities will help to gain followers, but most average people don’t have the luxury of getting celebrity support. A few other ways to gain popularity include looking appealing, giving strong speeches, being confident, and sadly, telling people what they want to hear. Once you are at least recognized as a respectable candidate you have a real shot at becoming president.

Becoming president is a long and strenuous process. Campaigning takes dedication and even getting to that point is a struggle. If a person is willing to put in the time, money, and has a natural want to become president they will need to follow a specific path and must not fail to do any of the things previously mentioned. First a potential candidate will need to make sure of eligibility. They also must have the funds to pay for an application. Then, they must hire qualified people to help them run a successful campaign. Finally they will have to gain popularity and beat out any other candidates. After years of wondering about politics I have finally found an answer to one of my most constant questions. If I choose politics as a career later in life, I now know the road I must follow to have a chance at becoming president.


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