Journey through Spain "Museo de espana"

Cordoba was an important Roman city and a major Islamic center in the Middle Ages

Population: 1.4 million

Cordoba’s Mezquita is the largest mosque in the entire world, as well as the world’s largest temple

The Mezquita

mosque section

cathedral section

Aesthetic City
Population: 230,000

A city in Southern Spain, Andalusia, at the foothill of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Known for medieval architecture dated to the Moorish Occupation.


Flamenco: Traditional dance originating from Southern Spain

Alhambra Palace

An islamic palace built for the last muslim emirs in spain, increasingly subject to christian rule (14 century)

Intricate carvings on the walls, used to be filled with colour
Palace Gardens
View of the Palace from the Gardens
Alcazar Castle Complex

Largest City of Andalusia, spain with population: 700,000



  • One of the last standing bullrings where bullfights are still held to this day.
  • Can hold up to 12,000 people
  • Reputable bullfighters come here to fight, during the annual bullfight festival
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