The App-Mazing Race Team building and ipad immersion for teacher

Inspired by the App-Mazing Race from iPadpalooza in Eanes ISD

Implemented at the Deer Park ISD District-wide Technology Inservice Day


In three hours, race to earn the most points for your team!

All teachers register for four classes, except those selected to participate in the APPmazing Race. They spend either the morning or the afternoon competing with their team.
Each school selected two teams of five for both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Before the Race

  • Select and notify teams
  • Inform teams about creating a team name, shirt/costume, Padlet page, and hastag
  • Encourage teams to tweet using race hashtag (ex. #dpapprace2017)
  • Collect Padlet links from teams
Ready, set...

Day of Race

  • Teams convene in one meeting location
  • Rules and scoring rubric are explained
  • Tasks are revealed!
Teams are welcome and encouraged to drive around town to accomplish their tasks

Create a Team Logo

Suggested apps-- PicCollage, Canva, Photofy, Paper53

Team Logo for Dapper Dabby

Create matching team shirts/costumes before the competition and wear them on race day.

Create (don't copy) a meme related to teaching or your team's race

Suggested apps-- Mematic, Skitch, Photofy

Create a picture of your team motto

Suggested Apps: PicCollage, Skitch, Photofy, Canva, or Paper53

Using a drawing app, create your best caricature of another team member.

Suggested apps-- Paper53, DoodleBuddy

Take selfies and "groupies" to create a collage of the following:

Suggested apps -- Photofy or PicCollage

Spell out a word with your bodies
Photobomb Tim Yenca (guest presenter)
Get your team airborne at the same time
Someone on your team planking
And then there's that kind of planking...
Picture of your group using iPads
Picture of your team "power-posing"
Power posing can be interpreted many ways...
"Magic Shot" of your team and their twin
Magic Shots can use the panoramic feature in the iPad camera, or...
a mirror image!
Picture of your team with any tech person
Picture of two team members doing an handstand
Take a picture with a "For Sale" sign on a property

Create a celebrity web in Popplet including images and details about their life.

Judging & Prizes

  • 1st place - Adonit Jot Pro stylus for each group member
  • 2nd place - iPad Fan for each group member
  • 3rd place - Selfie sticks for each group member
Have fun!
Created By
Leslie Kilbourn

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