THE INNOCENTS or so they would have you believe...

Cute, right? Cuddly little pets that wouldn't harm a...flea? Don't let them fool you. They want BLOOD!

The following material contains graphic photos of these so-called "cuddly" animals plotting their owner's demise, waiting for their chance, luring you in with their sad "How could you leave us alone like that" stare. If you are sensitive or squeamish in any way, then click the following button.

"Go ahead, we dare you, just say something..."

"I swear to you, dad, it wasn't me. I wasn't even in the room. The cat did it and then ran into the bathroom."

"Don't believe a word they say, I've been here all along."

When questioned, their stories fall apart. They start to realize that you might hold back their "We're home" biscuit...

Then the evil starts to reveal itself. The intensity is palatable. They double their "show her the cute side" efforts, trying to coax you into trust, but you can sense the change. You can see it in their eyes.

They start to realize that you're never going to believe their story, no matter how much they ply you. Their fangs come out.

And then you see the turn. "Are you sure you want to pursue these allegations?"

Then, it's too late...They know that they need to take a different tack in order to get their deserved reward. Their attitudes subtly change.

They talk in secret, under the guise of play. You suddenly hear ominous music in the background. They sharpen their teeth in preparation...

They wait for the right moment...

...making sure the coast is clear...

And then they STRIKE. They start at the bottom.

And then, working in unison, they go for your throat.

And before you know it, the casualties start adding up.

"Ah, how I love gall bladders!"

R.I.P. Kylie Rose...

Remember...never trust your pets

They're counting on it.

Always watching...

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