My Focused Future meg blinzler

Places/Trails I want to Hike

Grand Canyon Arizona, Rocky Mountains Colorado, Maroon Bells Colorado, Stairway to Heaven Mexico, Grand Tetons Wyoming

Things I want to see / experience / do in person

See Northern Lights, camp for Black Friday, be in New York for New Years eve, own a Jeep, buy myself something from Tiffany & Co.

Places I'd like to visit

Angel Falls, Bora Bora, Canals of Amsterdam, Christ the Redeemer, Crater Lake, Dead Sea, Devil's Den, Glacier National Park

Start a small Photography Business

All photos here taken by me

Make large Contribution to South Herritage

All photos here taken by me

Keep Connection with Gymnastics Forever

Keep Giving Back

Children;s Mercy, National Gymnastics Foundation, Catholic Charities, JCPRD, USA gymnastics, and earning my girl scout gold award.

Things I want to do with Jane Swanberg

Go to Disney world together, buy a big costco bear, work together on a big painting.


Created with images by Thank you for your comments and appreciations! - "Grand Canyon 3" • Max and Dee - "Maroon Bells" • gamaree - "Stairway to heaven" • jeffgunn - "Grand Teton National Park" • Unsplash - "rocky mountains mountains landscape landscape" • Unsplash - "northern lights aurora borealis northern" • Anthony Quintano - "The Night Before New Year's Eve High Above Times Square" • BKM_BR - "Jeep - Sao Paulo Autoshow 2006" • SpeechRep - "Tiffany & Co NYC 5th Avenue IMG_6898" • davidkjelkerud - "Angel Falls from our camp" • deconuevotenerife - "tropical beach palm tree bora bora" • dolcece - "amsterdam canals bike" • StuSeeger - "Crater Lake Oregon - 3" • tsaiproject - "The Dead Sea, Israel" • tpsdave - "glacier point yosemite valley"

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