Three things you learned this semester about Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I'm glad to be in this class because it was on of my most favorite classes I have had over this semester. It made me a lot of fun especially when we worked with specific programs such as photoshop or either programs that are similar to photoshop. I took this class because I never have used programs like this before I came to denver. During this semsester I basically expended out my skills by using those programs. In the beginning of my exchange year I have got to know the way I can use the elements of design. those steps helped me out in making pictures on certain programs. I figured out that you have a lot of options at Photoshop and at the other programs as well. I'm generally pretty good in using computers which means that I picked up stuff in a fast way in all of those programs. I learned that you have to find out youtube tutorials that might relates to the obstacle you are facing. You have to get a youtube video or other information as an template for the picture you want to create. By using all of these 3 programs that are listed up in the topic I have figured out almost every single tool which made it easier to me to get done with a picture.
Three things you discovered about working with clients and with partners. (Being negative here is not a good idea...) It was a nice experience for me to work with clients and people in this class at a certain project. The assignment we got was to create a poster with with a partner. After we finished up the poster we had to send it to the client to get feedback and tips on what we can change. it was nice to work with a client and a partner because they basically always have good ideas. The client we depend on gave us many good ideas in making a decent looking poster. Partners have good ideas you can combine with your thoughts. When you start out working with a specific client you will depend on the things they want to have. You try to create a solid looking poster and once you get finished with that you will be able to send it to the client and he might send back some good suggestions that will help to make it look better.

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