I am your friend m a r k . . .

Th yeh, wait til it kicks in. you be freakin' bra.

ohhhhh, yeh.... so good.


Created with images by Ahmed Zayan - "Monkey and her baby .captured this shot in the beautiful hill top of kodaikanal." • Andre Mouton - "The monkey was absolutely mesmerized by his own image in the mirror. I took a few different photos of this monkey playing with the mirror on my scooter at a location called Monkey Hill in Thailand. The monkey was so gentle and was really happy to stare at his own image. I wonder if the monkey knew it was his own reflection or if he thought it was another monkey." • Taru Goyal - "Group of monkeys picking bugs off each other" • Przemek Czaicki - "untitled image" • Vincent van Zalinge - "untitled image"