"Troy Polamalu"by Jim Wighting November/December 2016 AR biography Activity

"Troy committed his career to the football career.He thought it was his passion". (pg 14)

Based upon the context clues, the word "committed" To Give trust to someone or something.


"He seemed ready to have an even more phenomenal year as a senior. His first four games he rushed about 700 yards." (pg 15)

Based on the context clues, the word "phenomenal" means highly extraordinary.


"In the 1990's, USC was the only team in college football's pac-10 conference that didn't win the conference championship at least once." (pg 19)

based on the context clues, the word "conference" A meeting for consultation.


"With his typical humility, troy downplayed its significance ,saying the only rookie to see a substantial playing time." (pg 29)

Based on The context clues, the word "substantial" means of ample or considerable, in size or quantity


"During the game the Steelers were penalized with holding and got 5 yards back" (pg 32)

Based on the context clues the word "penalized" means a form of punishment.


"Troy's awkward tumble to the turf appeared to symbolize the Steelers entire 2006 season."(pg 38)

Based on the context clues the word "symbolize"means to be a symbol of.


"With his quiet demeanor, and fearouse play. and personal style,Troy appears destined to remain a fan favorite and one of the most known faces on the steelers."(pg 43)

Based on the context clues the word "demeanor" means outward or aggressive behavior.


Troy was suspected to be a natural NFL superstar that players healthy and pro.(pg 45)

Based on the context clues the word "suspected" means to have an idea or prediction with out real evidence.



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