Invictus Project By Payton L.


South Africa has grown very much since the first day I joined the office. I remember the first day that I had walked into office, everyone had been packing up their supplies as if they were about to leave the building. I knew why each of these former workers felt this way. They had thought that they would lose their jobs because of my skin color. So, that same day I brought them all together in a small room to simply tell them that if they wanted to stay and work for their country I highly recommended it. This was the start to the change within South Africa.

Union Buildings in South Africa

The first Springbox game I came to I could see the frustration in some of the fans. Besides that, most of the blacks were cheering for the opposing team. There were also many fans who were holding the old flag instead of the new flag. Right away I knew I needed to make a change in this! So, I decided I’d talk with, someone you are all very familiar with, Francois Piennar. I had tea with him to talk a lot about the importance of leadership, as well as the importance of being able to do your best to inspire others.

Old South African Flag

At this point I made a great decision for the Springbox team to try, which was having them run training sessions throughout South Africa to lead up to the World Cup. I made them conduct these because I needed the team to help grow in being leaders and also to help grow their relationships as a team. This was important because I knew that it would not only help them on the field but also off of the field in many ways.

Not only did the Springbox team learn new things but I also learned new things as well. I started to grow much stronger with leadership and relationships with others. I became to grow closer together with the Springbox team as they did with me. I was able to identify each of the players by their name because of how much time I’d spent with them.

There may have been many more important things to help this government but I wanted everyone to be happy with their team. Many of my fellow workers hadn’t always agreed with helping the Springbox team but I needed everyone to be happy.

I have also learned a lot about “forgive and forget”. The amount of time I spent in jail was very long. When I became President the whites were expecting me to not listen to any of their ideas but I didn’t want to do what the whites would’ve done to us. I listened and respected all of their ideas. It was very important to me that everyone in South Africa was happy. So once I found about what was happening with the Springbox team I wanted to show how much I cared about this situation.

At the first game during the World Cup I could see the amount of change in the team and in the fans. They played much better, by working together as a team. Their performance made the fans a lot happier. In the finals of the World Cup everyone on the team sang South Africa’s National Anthem and this was a big difference between one of the first games I went to. After Springbox everyone was cheering and celebrating together. Also when I walked out to shake the hands of each of the players everyone was cheering for me which made me realize how much this country had changed from the first game to now. As I was finishing up shaking hands I had also noticed many of the fans were holding up the new flag of South Africa. This made me super proud because I knew this was finally the change to the difference between whites and blacks in South Africa.

I am very proud of what this team has become and also how much this country has changed from my first time stepping into the office to now. Now let’s celebrate this great victory!

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