All About Starfish By Mrs. Chiarella

Did you know starfish can regrow their arm if one falls off?
Starfish have physical characteristics that help them survive. They have 5 arms that help them move. They also have a mouth underneath to eat with. Lastly starfish come in many different colors to help them camouflage. Those are the physical characteristics of a starfish.
Starfish can come in pink, purple, orange and cream! Starfish that live in different places are different colors to help them blend in with their environment.
Starfish have a diet. They eat small things on the bottom of the ocean. Here you can see their mouth. The arms put food into to their mouths so they can eat. Starfish also eat clams, mussles and oysters. That is the diet of a starfish.
Did you know starfish have no brain or blood?
Starfish have a habitat. Starfish live in all of the world's oceans. Some live in tropical coral reefs, rocky shores, tidal pools, mud, and sand. They can also live in kelp forests, seagrass meadows and the deep-sea floor. That is the habitat of the starfish.

Check out this cool video on starfish!


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