Flash Point Travel at the speed of light

this is Bora Bora(French Polynsia)

Quantas Airways is 784.48 dollars to travel to Bora Bora from Australia, Oa Oa Lodge is 136 dollars for one day. it has morning breakfast and you can swim, shark diving, and a tour

This is China

6Korean air, alaska is 904 dollars to travel to China from Arizona, legendale hotel, bejing has a pool and a gym it cost 126 dollars per day. There is casino, shops and food to eat.

this is downtown California and a beach in California

the flight united airlines is 390.20 dollars. The hotel is called great wolf lodge garden grove/Anaheim is cost 198 dollars in has a built in water slides and basically a house it has a lot of rooms. the activities in California that you can do is amusement parks, shop, and eat. one of the famous amusement parks in California is DisneyLand.

This is Austtralia

Qantas Airlines cost 354.02 dollars. Primus Hotel cost 194 dollars per day it has a pool, and a bar. For activities you can go to the great berrier reef it only cost 118.14 dollars.

this is Hawaii and people do in Hawaii

kiwi.com is a airline that cost 1,454 dollars. turtle bav resort cost 271 dollars a day. it has breakfast and a pool. there is many things you can do in hawaii you can swim, snorkle, volcano watch, and scuba diving.

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